Tech House :: Tune of the Day : Dario Nunez & Frank Nitty - Tribacid

in electronicmusic •  10 months ago

Tribal and Acid - you'd think there would be no surprises in the track that wears it's fusion of the genres on the sleeve and you'd be right in a way that after listening to it you'd go "Yep, it's Tribal, yep it got nice Acid", but the devil is in the details, as they say, and it's the execution that made this track truly stand out for me.

It might be not the most straightforward first thing to highlight, but I immediately enjoy the top end on this track, having crisp and bright layers of percussion along with which the mids and the tight kick create a nice separation of the frequencies resulting in a exceptionally well balanced produced track.

Overall, I just love how loose and fun this track is with interesting choices for creating the aptly named TribAcid fusion. Without giving away too many spoilers it is not quite as cookie cutter as you'd think and throughout the track there is a plenty of unanticipated progression and melody going into provocative directions. 

This tune doesn't pretend to be anything it's not - and that is an immensely high energy, unapologetically minimal and catchy, punchy and booty-shaking-provoking track meant to dominate the peak hour slots and give a listener a taste of uninhibited raw dance pizzazz.

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