Deep Tech :: Tune of the Day: Lady Sage - Missing You

in electronicmusic •  10 months ago

Electronic pigeons, humming vocals, lulling piano chords and rumbley bassline - what do you get when you put all these ingredients together? At the very least you get a very catchy tune that will burrow itself in your brain and make you bop your head side to side long after the music subsided.

To dive in a little deeper, the term of Deep Tech House is somewhat elusive to me as to where the lines are blurred and one becomes the other or a true hybrid of both. Well in case of Missing You the ingredients are quite evident as it effortlessly glides through a funkier, melodic and moving parts with the earwormy vocal sample and radiant piano chords to a much rawer, stripped down sound driven by the nicely overdriven bassline and larger emphasis on the punchy percussion.

The true balance and deep techiness of this track comes in play with it's delightful breakdowns that bring down the dominant energy to a more pensive level, letting some air in and creating an atmosphere for breezy breaks in between highly impactful chunky beats.

What stands out the most to me on this track is the seemless transition between contrasting energies and the carefully crafted sonic elements that fit together beautifully, surprise and delight and leave a smile on your face after track's runtime is over.

What is Tune of the Day?

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cool! it seems that this is what I need now! such a mood ... you know ... I want to get into the car and go to the dark, go fast and your music would be very much in the topic👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


I know the feeling and this kinda track would be a perfect soundtrack for doing that, love your imagery. Cheers!

Thank you for sharing!


You're most welcome, @karimar, thanks for tuning in! :)

Great track. Throwing away old stuff in my office and this track allowed me to do it with a shakin' booty :D Love the bass line.


I agree, great energy on this one! Thanks, man! :)