Deep House :: Tune of the Day : Loic Lass - Wasteland

in electronicmusic •  9 months ago

One of those occasions when the genre in the title refers more to what the track feels like rather than a typical understanding of what Deep House stands for, because this track goes DEEP. It is not quite a progressive affair, there is no tech and it is too silky to be adorned with a techno label.

Lovely ghostly vocals, anxious and anticipating arps, sorrowful brass and sullen bassline - altogether it creates a beautiful palette to build the track on, bringing elements in and out to keep things interesting during it's moderate runtime.

I love the tracks that keep delighting the listener as they progress and Wasteland is an amazing example of that - immediately catchy it doesn't show all it's aces right away, humble enough to keep delicious bits peppered all the way throughout for the most patient and attentive listener.

And absolute gorgeousness of a tune and my pleasure to stumble upon it and add it to a shortlist of some of the most favourited tracks in my arsenal. 

What is Tune of the Day?

Something that I do for my rising revelations series is search for new music daily. So it is only natural that I should be sharing some of the daily highlights as too often the tracks are amazing but they don't make it into a final episode as they might not fit that week's mood or concept.

More than anything, the reasoning behind the series was always sharing new exciting music by artists that are longing to be heard so any extra exposure is a good thing.

I love putting my feelings about music into writing so each post will also have a couple of my own words on why I love that particular track and how I perceive it, a mini-review of sorts.

As an added bonus all tracks featured are available for a free download, generously provided by the artists. Please enjoy them in your music players, DJ sets and shared playlists and endorse hard work of some talented people.

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Loving this somber tune, and well explained in your description as usual. It reminds me of a fusion of Zhu and a run of the mill Anjunadeep record.


Thanks, man. Interesting associations, I didn't think of that, but now that you mentioned it I am like, oh yea, I can hear it haha. Thanks for checking it out! Cheers!

Beautifull tune dear keep it up


Thank you, @nomannomi, glad you enjoyed it!