Deep House :: Tune of the Day : AMPEAR - Extraterrestrial Water

in electronicmusic •  10 months ago

Ethereal pads, deep cutting bass, echoey synth blip drops, steady percussion - it's a perfect soundtrack to an out of this world expedition, fathomless places our mind take us when we wonder off, peculiar landscapes only imaginable by most inspired visions.

This in itself is the most appealing aspect of this track to me, in it's effortless capacity to make my thoughts drift away as I get lost in the lush soundscapes abound. It's a favoured activity of mine to walk around aimlessly except to absorb the surroundings while listening to some good music and this track immediately triggers my want to travel close and far while binging on a stream of sonic goodies in my headphones.

This is not to say that this is a one trick pony, quite the opposite, I find the vibe created to be quite versatile, fitting for a warm up before diving deeper into shadowy sonic territories, an after hours decompression or a lounging in a classy atmospheric place. I admire the amount of inspiration that went into the creation of this track, infusing the best traditions of minimal, deep and progressive house as well as ambient and whether that is a case from artist's perspective is a sheer speculation, what matters is that the result is extensively appealing to any aficionados of the electronic music genres.

Get your good headset out, turn up the speakers, ask your favourite DJ to throw it onto the largest sound system you can find and get lost in this enchanting gem of deeper side of House.

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Cheers, glad you enjoyed it, man! I thought it was a lovely track :)

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That's a very pleasant surprise, thank you for making my day and much appreciated. I am glad this tune has an honour of getting the recognition, I think it is very well deserved and I hope anyone stumbling upon this will check out more of AMPEAR's work, he is making some incredible music!

Very deep indeed.