Deep Acid House :: Tune of the Day : Rave-enka - På Kryss Og På Tvers

in electronicmusic •  10 months ago

Putting any genre label on today's track is a discourtesy to this bold and brash, brilliant work. It is deep, it is progressive, it is synth driven, it is melodic, it is dense and powerful, introspective and mesmerizing.

At it's core it's a beautiful symphony of sound, emotion, liberation, wonder, curiosity and submissive bewilderment. Exclusively instrumental tracks can get a little stale, especially given the hefty close to 9 minute runtime, but it's tunes like this that give every minute of it a run for it's money.

The whole experience is just so incredibly moving, pacifying and awe-inspiring that you can't help but grasp at each passing by detail, all the little surprises thrown at you, new elements going in and out of focus, the oh-so-accidental unexpected notes and a heart-rending breakdown, simple at first glance, but elusively effective in bringing the intensity of emotion down only to meticulously build it back for a final crescendo of beautifully melancholic and contemplative mood.

There are times when I can't say much more about the track than "Fucking WOW", and in case of På Kryss Og På Tvers I don't say that lightly, I absolutely love what Rave-enka did and I had zero reservation on what track absolutely must make it into today's Tune of the Day post.

What is Tune of the Day?

Something that I do for my rising revelations series is search for new music daily. So it is only natural that I should be sharing some of the daily highlights as too often the tracks are amazing but they don't make it into a final episode as they might not fit that week's mood or concept.

More than anything, the reasoning behind the series was always sharing new exciting music by artists that are longing to be heard so any extra exposure is a good thing.

All artists featured on the blog are contacted and notified of the post, and get a gentle nudge to join this incredible community.

I love putting my feelings about music into writing so each post will also have a couple of my own words on why I love that particular track and how I perceive it, a mini-review of sorts.

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