Underrated Music Part 1 - Deft Key

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Today i have the artist/Producer


I honestly do not know very much about this artist from British Columbia, there are a couple of profiles on various sites like ReverbNation & Soundcloud. Furthermore there’s not much available at the moment.

When he donated this song to be featured on the Dance 4 Syria charity compilation six years ago, i thought he would have huge things coming for him, and that it would be A WILD RIDE

DEFT KEY - A WILD RIDE (dance 4 syria edit feat. Lorrie Rivers)

As you can hear this song by DEFT KEY has a great downtempo & trip hop vibe to it, and it has really an amazing vocal performance. Six years later it still amazes me, and sends real shivers down my spine

If you like this track, and would like to support, you can find the #DANCE 4 SYRIA compilations on Bandcamp and you can also find them on iTunes and Spotify


proceeds from these albums are still used for charitable projects

thanks, have an amazing weekend

& do not forget to support your local artists, they might need your support more then you realize

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