Ulrich Schnauss - UNDISCOVERED German MASTER in ETHEREAL Electronics (music and more inside)

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Ulrich Schnauss - a German electronics producer - I discovered by chance through probably Soulseek, a music publishing web services that was frequently used by electronic music producers to test their new productions with their audience. He started releasing under his own name in 2001 and gives us every 2 to 3 years an album with his new works. In parallel he also releases updates of older albums, extended versions with new or remix tracks. His productions are minimal, ambient, atmospherical and 'floating' in its own way. Some call it ethereal electronic music.

His first album I share with you today "Far Away Trains Passing By", originally released in 2001. This album - supposedly - became 'popular' mostly through word-of-mouth over the years after the release. Well, my experience was the same, since when I discovered it on Soulseek and talked about this one with other music fans, they all never ever heard of this guy. But some of them loved the album as much as I did and started listening and investigating more about who this Ulrich is, and obviously talking about him to others.

The album I share with you is an extended version released in 2008. The original release had 6 tracks, the first extended version was released for the USA market, with an extra CD and 6 more tracks, this was in 2005. Three years later an extended version - based on the US version - was released in Europe with 1 additional track on the 2nd CD making it 13 tracks of almost heavily music!

  • Artist: Ulrich Schnauss
  • Album: Far Away Trains Passing By
  • Style: Ethereal Electronic
  • Year: 2001

You may not have heard about Ulrich Schnauss; Then NOW is the chance to discover him! I hope you like it! Enjoy the flight!

Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By (2008)


Between Us and Them
...Passing By
Blumenwiese neben Autobahn
Nobody's Home
Sunday Evening in Your Street
Suddenly the Trees Are Giving Way
Nothing Happens in June
As If You've Never Been Away
A million miles away (Bonus track only on 2008 UK CD album release)
Crazy for You
Wherever You Are

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Loved it! Maybe too ethereal for me, but nice to spend a nice quiet saturday morning :)

:) what music is to your preference?

Nice post my friend i am @djnoel i do mixes of house music,deep house and afro house regards ;)

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