Trentemøller - Danish High Profile Musician (music and more inside)

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Trentemøller - born in 1974 in Denmark - is an outstanding electronic producer and DJ who made fame in the industry. His first album "The Last Resort" produced in 2006 and released on the infamous Poker Flat Recordings label was marked as "The Album of the Year" by Groove Mag (German magazine) and Trax (French magazine).

One of his more recent albums "Lost" I really like due to its diversity in styles brought together. From ambient, deep house, intelligent dance music and experimental, to rock and synth pop. This album is released in various versions; I share with you today the instrumental one. This version I like the most! I hope you as well.

  • Artist: Trentemøller
  • Album: Lost (Instrumental Version)
  • Year: 2013


Trentemøller - Lost - Instrumental version (2013)


The Dream (Instrumental)
Gravity (Instrumental)
Still On Fire
Candy Tongue (Instrumental)
Never Stop Running (Instrumental)
River Of Life (Instrumental)
Come Undone (Instrumental)
Deceive (Instrumental)

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Great, this guy is absolute class!

Not heard this one though so checking in now, cheers!

Hope you like it, makes his music quite different without the vocals.

Resteeemd, did not know him but like the sounds

Super you like the sound. His other albums are with vocals, you may like them as well.

His newest album I posted all over my social network past week

Nice! :) Need to listen to that one still. Wil do for sure!

One of my favourites !!!!!

Very nice track indeed! Like it really much.