Tiësto - MOST SUCCESSFUL Artist in the Dance Industry EVER - And He Also Likes TECHNO

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Those who know a little bit of electronic dance music - and maybe also those who don't - know this guy for sure, Tiësto. He is the one who put Trance on the world map. He is the one who lead the DJ charts for a very long time. He is the one who played at so many festivals prime time at the main stage. He is the one who put the Netherlands at number one with respect to electronic dance music - by now we have more than 800 dance festivals a year, and Amsterdam Dance Event became the biggest dance music event of the world - bigger than the one in Barcelona and bigger than the one in Miami. He is the one who earned himself a Grammy. He is the one who played at the opening of the Olympic Games in Athens Greece - the first ever DJ playing live at the Olympics opening. Maybe he is the one who made a success out of many festivals. Whether you like his sound or not, he meant a lot for the electronic dance music industry.

His real name is Tijs Michiel Verwest, a Dutch guy from the city of Breda. Under pseudonyms, he started producing hardcore and gabber records. Later, while producing his Forbidden Paradise series with an early version of his trance sound, he regularly played techno at various location in and outside Rotterdam. Building further on his trance sound, he focussed more and more, and left the 'harder' styles behind him. Late 90s he already started to make a name in the Trance scene, but his trance sound also had techno elements in it. A good example of that is his set he played at Innercity - an ID&T concept that was touring around Western Europe a couple of years later - in 1999. This live set, was released as an album by ID&T after the event. Although I'm not particular fond of trance, this album I liked back then very much, sometimes a bit too trancy, but I certainly like his record choices, and the arrangement is solid with a great opening!

By now Tiësto plays more EDM than Trance, I think. He has already for many years residency in one of the big clubs in Las Vegas, a new mecca for electronic dance music since EDM became HOT in the USA. Outside his gigs in las Vegas, he is touring the world with a loaded agenda. He is also responsible for boosting the careers of other artists, the youngest maybe Martin Garrix, a 19 year young guy who wanted to become DJ after hearing Tiësto's opening act at the Olympics in 2004.

  • Artist: Tiësto
  • Album: Live At Innercity - Amsterdam RAI
  • Style: Trance / Techno
  • Year: 1999

Certainly a good way to start the #danceweekend of @uwelang. I hope you agree with me :)

Tiësto - Live At Innercity - Amsterdam RAI (1999)


Push - Universal Nation (Live At Club Illusion)
Fire & Ice - Out Of Darkness
Agnelli & Nelson - El Nino
Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave
Systematic Parts - Deja-Vu
Straydog - Mirror
Loop Control - Reflections
Orbital Velocity - Last Voyage (Club Mix)
Lord Of Tranz - Sanctificum
Yves DeRuyter - Feel Free
Plastic Boy - Twixt
DJ Tiësto - Theme From Norefjell (DJ Jan & Christophe Chantzis Mix)
Evolver - Evolver (Wavestate Instrumental Mix)
Fridge - Paradise (Nu Gray Mix)
Gouryella - Gouryella
Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (Moonman's Orange Juice Mix)

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I respect his "marketing" success. Since I saw him in Bali I am a "NoGO" Sorry Tiesto

I agree to some extent, but this one i do like!

I am checking this out on the train 🚂

choo-choo! :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Listen this album, he was by then already under management and the team around him started to build up his Trance thing to propel him to the top of the pyramid. But this album shows what he came from. The owner of the big Techno Awakenings brand, asked the party people if Tiesto was allowed to play a Awakenings festival (many years ago), Techno set. But yeh, that was refused in a large pole. However, this guy played techno mid 90s in Rotterdam, heard him various times back then, and he was pretty good at it. When he jumped to DJ number 1 in the world, I even heard another Techno set of this guy, and again impressive; This set was played at place far away from his normal Trance following though :) I really respect him for what he did; I dont like his trance sound; I dont like what he plays now, at all; But the Innercity Album is not bad at all; I would not listen to it today anymore, but back then, this was as far as I would go away from Techno :) Hmmm as mentioned as well, this album was a bit too trancy here and there, but for sure not the main stream simple trance sound. I would not have created this post if I was not of the opinion this one actually belongs to quality music :)

I've heard the name, but I wouldn't recognise his music. Just not my thing, but variety is good

His music not, or the complete dance music genre?

He became multi millionaire in the two digits (maybe by now 3 digits), probably the first ever in the dance music segment who made it as high as that. He was maybe also the first one who took the approach to manage his career like a true business. With many people around him to know exactly what to do and when, and also what not to do and when not. I'm pretty sure he left his favourite music for what was and jumped into the Trance segment because there was room for growth in it, and it was a genre that became quickly much more acceptable by the mass market. The hardcore genre was dying end of 90s early 2000, and Techno was still in the underground and only recently Techno became more acceptable to the mass market. By now Tiesto switches from Trance to EDM, when this EDM thing started to take of in the USA after not accepting any electronic dance genre for 20/30 years (that is why most of the electronic dance artists are working in Europe and many of them living in Europe). But yeh, with EDM pumped and hyped in the USA, with events of 100.000 to 300.000 people, it is the genre to be in to get the big fees and of course the residency in Las Vegas which probably allows him to take a 6 digit $ figure per night (maybe even a 7 digit figure). So yeh, because of this success, he is also in mainstream media and many non dance music fans could have heard his name :)

I just don't listen to EDM in general. It's not my thing. There may be particular tracks that get my attention and some artists I like do work in that genre, e.g. Bjork.

Sure, Sure, no probs at all. We all like what we like :)

Interesting you categorise Björk under EDM :) EDM is a specific style in the dance music. Will the term Electronic Dance Music, or in short Dance Music is the generic term for all the styles, like house, techno, trance, drum&bass, dubstep and so on as well as this EDM. Each of these styles have sub-styles again, like in Techno: minimal, hard, schranz, atmospheric and so on. Anyway, long story short: EDM is a specific style, I pretty much hate (if I may use such a strong word); It is essentially a pop track (mostly hits) with a beat with some simple tricks to get the listener and more specifically, the dancing crowd on the floor to jump up with their hands in the air. BTW, Björk I really like as well! In the genre pop, she is a bit out of the mainstream but that is generally what I like since most pop became a little to much of the same, and the more dance music in pop is everybody's friend, therefore relatively simple music and boring for me.

I know there are lots of dance genres, but I'd use EDM for anything that is mostly electronic. Genres can be limiting as a lot of music doesn't fit any of them. I have no idea what genre my own songs would fit in and I really don't care.

I have no idea what genre my own songs would fit in and I really don't care

And that is the right take on things, I agree :) I just got confused when you used EDM. The Germans us for everything Techno and then suddenly I'm on a Trance party that I dont like LOL I open posts her eon Steemit with tag Techno, and then I hear Armin van Buuren (Trance) or some EDM artist, and then I wished I did not open it LOL

'Dance' music seems to have even more genres than metal! Where does Glen Miller fall?

Good question. You got me thinking, I shall drop categorising music in the posts I make here since me goal is to expose Steemians to music they may know and like, but even more I like to bring good music to the community to those to broaden their horizon, to take a step into the unknown. Therefor I decided to stop including categories in my posts :)

And indeed, Dance Music has so enormous amount of sub-genres and styles, I just mentioned a very few. And I can tell you, when I say I'm a big fan of Techno, I can tell you some of the sub-genre I do not like at all. And the next problem in Dance Music are all the cross overs.

I definitely LIKE that DJ I always struggle to write in a correct way 😎 Full vote and resteem Mr. SOUNDS

Hahaha, always difficult to spell his name right indeed! LOL

so true - especially if you have no keyboard for such special characters

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