||| Solar ||| Regular DJ at the Prestigious DEKMANTEL Festival |||

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Today I share with you the Dekmantel podcast of a not so well known artist from San Francisco. Under his artist name "Solar", Solar Langevin started DJing in the 90s and became a legend in his home town. He is co-founder of the Sunset Parties and is frequently visited by the top artists in the industry.

The popular Dixon was so impressed by his skills, he was invited to tour with the Innervisions crew. By now he played at places like Space Ibiza, Berghain Berlin, and Trouw Amsterdam. He also played at Dekmantel Festival Netherlands at the editions from 2015 onwards; Dekmantel is THE festival that is known for it outstanding quality music and line-up's; No compromises are taken!

  • Artist: Solar
  • Set: Dekmantel Podcast 002
  • Year: 2015


Solar - Dekmantel Podcast 002 (2015)

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sources [1]

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Great artists you discover and intoduce us ongoing. Many I did not know before which is a shame. Resteemed and voted. DANCE ON!

Thanks so much, and you are welcome. Never to late to learn! I'm sure you know many artists I dont know.

Thanks for the good morning sounds ! 💓

I hope you like it

Great post thank you for the insight. I'm looking forward to this event great!!!

thanks for sharing. this is a nice advertising post.

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