||| Robert Hood ||| Father of Minimal Techno & Excellent Producer and DJ |||

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Underground Resistance is a musical collective from Detroit aimed to promoted political activism through techno music. Jeff Mills started the collective early 80s in Detroit and a little later Robert Hood joined. It is the later I like to introduce to you today. Since my early days of Techno, early/mid 90s, I have a soft spot for the Detroit sound and Robert Hood is one of these guys who - with his music - massages my ears in a very pleasant ways. Minimal Techno 90s style with emphasis on soul (the only true minimal techno) is his trademark!

  • Artist: Robert Hood
  • Set: Dekmantel Podcast 120
  • Year: 2017


Robert Hood - Dekmantel Podcast 120 (2017)

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Strong one, how could I miss to upvote this only. Done now!

Thank you so much!

I booked him a couple of times in Japan. Awesome Dj and Producer indeed !

Super you like him as well!