Etapp Kyle - Ukraines Best Techno Artist - Ostgut / Berghain resident (music and more inside)

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It must be a year or two ago when I heard this guy from the Ostgut clan for the first time. It was - obviously :) - in the Berghain in Berlin, the club I mention more often in my posts; For multiple reasons: Berghain is the best club ever I have set my feet in; It has the best sound system I ever heard in an indoor club, it has great lineups and it brings my favourite kind of techno. Underground sound only; Commercial stuff is not allowed :) Well unwritten rule, since when playing commercial or semi-commercial music the promoters will not pull the artist away from the turntables and throw him/her out the door, but he or she will never get a booking anymore in the club. Well, to be even more exact, when you would play commercial and/or semi-commercial at other events, you would not get a booking at all. Reason why quite a few very well know techno artists never play Berghain and never will never play Berghain, even when they would drop their DJ fee to rock bottom to even giving the promoters money. Anyway, lets get back to Etapp Kyle.

So, about two years ago, sometime end of summer, I remember this Klockworks (label and evening of Ben Klock) edition. With quite a few friends we enjoyed many good artists that Saturday night, Sunday during the day and evening. Etapp Kyle was on in late afternoon, good time still since the dance floor was not overcrowded yet (that happens as of 19/20hrs in the evening). This was the first time I heard him play, and after 4 or 5 tracks I was sold! This guy touched my heart! Amazing deep and minimal set he was playing, with that extra touch to make it his sound; Not only raw techno but minimal techno with a heart! I cannot explain it but I can show you in the recording below what I mean. For instance around 8-11 minutes in the first recording is the super minimal type of techno I like. But of course, this will become boring when only hearing that sound for a couple of hours. In fact, the first recording from minute 1 to last I really love! From minute 45 - or so - he gets into some more ambient to build down. It is a podcast so not 100% representative to what he does while performing in a club or at a festival, usually no building down at the end :)

As a bonus I share also a second recording, done by Boiler Room. This one is a bit more energetic and comes closer to the techno I heard him play at that particular Sunday evening in Berghain, but I must admit, his Berghain set I liked better than the Boiler room recording, I suppose the Berghain set was more underground, more deep.

  • Artist: Etapp Kyle
  • Set: Various
  • Style: Techno
  • Year: 2016

Whatever you are planning to do tonight;

Etapp Kyle can bring you in the mood for sure!

Etapp Kyle - XLR8R Podcast 430 (2016)

Etapp Kyle - Boiler Room x Generator Berlin DJ Set (2016)

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