Don Airey (Deep Purple) - Musical Journey of the Mystic and Impossible K2 Mountain (music and more inside)

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Don Airey - coming from the hard rock side of things with recordings together with Ozzy Osbourne, Cozy Powell, Gary Moore, Rainbow and Thin Lizzy - launched quite a different project in 1998.

K2 - Tales Of Triumph & Tragedy

K2 is not a very well known mountain, however it is - with a bit more than 8.600km - the second highest mountain in the world and lies somewhere behind the Mount Everest. K2 is so difficult to climb, many of those who try, do not survive; 1 out of 4. Don Airey was massively inspired by this mountain and the mystic around it; Created his musical interpretation as a tribute to those who had the courage to fight this massive mountain.

The album is a mix of electronic, ambient, asian, and rock-ish elements and includes some narrative sections. Don is since 2002 the keyboardist of the rock band Deep Purple and very actively touring with this band.

In 1988 when the album came out, this was frequently in my CD player; For years! It brings some sort of power across I really got to me!

  • Artist: Don Airey
  • Album: K2 - Tales Of Triumph & Tragedy
  • Year: 1988


Don Airey - K2 - Tales Of Triumph & Tragedy (1988)


K2 Overture
Sea Of Dreams Part 1
Sea Of Dreams Part 2
Voice Of The Mountain
Song For Al (Instrumental)
Balti Lament
Ascent To Camp 4
Can't Make Up Your Mind
Summit Push
Close To The Sky
Blues For J.T.
Julie ( If You Leave Me)
Song For Al (Vocal)

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Thanks for posting! You have so many great posts... I'm trying to read your whole backlog.

Listening to this now on Youtube. Very cinimatic (from my first two minutes of listening!)

Cheers @rebele93

Thanks for sharing... Love it.

Thanks for sharing... Love it.