Biosphere - Abstract, Ambient and Real Life Recordings from Nature SUCH BEAUTY (music and more inside)

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The Norwegian producer Biosphere (real name: Geir Jenssen) has created some beautiful ambient / experimental albums since 1991. 22 to date in total with his most recent release earlier this year. His first album "Microgravity" was I think the one that pulled my attention to this guy, not when it was release but maybe 10 years after date, sometimes early 2000. With his "HIA" and "Substrata" albums - 3rd and 4th album - he made a mark with me. Someone never to forget anymore!

The "Substrata" album is the one I share with you today, since I simply love this one and it suites my Sunday evening a lot to listen to it again. So nice to hear live recorded nature through my speakers at home. Other albums and works of Biosphere can easily by connected to in the links below.

  • Artist: Biosphere
  • Album: Substrata
  • Style: Ambient / Abstract / Experimental
  • Year:

I wish you a lot of pleasure listening to this album (and his other works if you may prefer to do so).

Biosphere - Substrata (1997)


As The Sun Kissed The Horizon
Poa Alpina
The Things I Tell You
Times When I Know You'll Be Sad
Sphere Of No-Form

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