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It was the in 2004 released album "Lillies" that brought me in contact with the producer Arovane. His real name is Uwe Zhan and born 1965 in Hameln, Germany. He also releases under Nedjev. His productions are far from main stream, but nevertheless - and maybe because of that - wonderful to listen to. It can be best categorised as Experimental IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and Ambient.

He first began experimenting with rudimentary audio equipment and keyboards when he was 15. Over the years he continued experimenting and developing his sound, even learning to play the clarinet at one point. In the late 80s he was dealing increasingly with synthesizers and turntablism and deconstruction of hip hop beats. In 1989 Zahn began creating music with a collective of electronic musicians in Munich. This collective, known as S.A.M., was dedicated to creating live, free, electronic improvisational music and operated in Germany.

In 1991 Zahn built his own studio in Berlin and his initial works could be compared to a breakbeat influenced sound.

Throughout the 90s Zahn lived in Berlin and continued creating electronic music. After working for a radio station for a time he caught the attention of electronic music label Din. The late 90s saw his first 2 EPs Atol Scrap for Din and Tides for CCO which gained him a degree of notoriety and acclaim mainly in Germany and then throughout the world in the IDM, ambient, and electronic music scene. There were also a number of compilation appearances and collaborations released during this time. Since the productive early Arovane years of 1999 and 2000 there have been a collaboration with Phonem and one additional album release, Lilies, in 2004. It was significant that the last track on that album is called "Good Bye Forever" – as there was a nine-year hiatus, which ended in 2013 with the release of Ve Palor on the n5MD label.

Recently Arovane released a new digital album "Organism" in collaboration with Porya Hatami. This 19 track album is yet another amazing piece of work.

  • Artist: Arovane & Porya Hatami
  • Album: Organism
  • Style: Experiment IDM / Ambient
  • Year: 2017

I certainly do advise to take your time and full focus to absorb the sounds when you not that much into experimental music. When you love the genre, then go for it, whatever you are doing.

Arovane & Porya Hatami - Organism (2017)

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