Heiko Laux - Fernweh - One Hell of a Producer and Album! (music and more inside)

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Heiko Laux the DJ/Producer behind the respected label Kanzleramt is one of my all time favourites! He has such a feel for what I think is quality music. It must already be more than 15 maybe even 20 years ago that I for the first time heard him play. I'm not sure where, but must be somewhere in the Netherlands; Maybe Amsterdam but could also be Haarlem. But it doesn't matter to much to me, and maybe not at all to you :)

Heiko's latest album "Fernweh" is an absolute masterpiece, if I may say so; Deep and Minimal Techno with Flair. Exactly how I like it.

  • Artist: Heiko Laux
  • Album: Fernweh
  • Style: Techno
  • Year: 2014

Whether You are into Techno or Not; Just Try this One; You May Love it...or Hate it...But at least you Tried :)

Heiko Laux - Fernweh (2014)


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Top ! Quality Music !!!!

Thanks and For Sure! :)

Let's Dance mate

While cooking, I'm dancing! :)

I really like. I will follow you because I like to discover new artists and your musical choices are good.

Nice to hear (read) that you like my selections of music. NJOY! and thank you for the comment and follow. More to music to come, for sure!

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