Expert Advice On Electroneum : Should You Invest or Not?

Here are a couple of trusted Experts I listen to on cryptocurrency. I actually 'consult' with several while making these kinds of decisions on where to put my time and especially my money. People who have been involved in something longer than me, usually can help me more than someone who's been in 'as long' as I have been.

So let's start with the first of Two videos, Expert Advice on Electroneum:

I really enjoy videos from this guy, as he's been in this space for over 3 years. He has seen a lot of coins come and go. Most importantly he does what a lot of us do not like to do. He reads the whitepaper. I like that he took time to figure out that this app mining is not 'real mining'. So hopefully they find a way to fix that, going forward if this coin is going to have any 'real value' long term. I also appreciate his advice to not call this a 'scam'. Sometimes people are trying to figure things out and don't always have evil intentions.

This next video, honestly is even better of a 'breakdown' from @bitcointre

His 'biggest' objection is that the coin is 'overvalued' compared to other coins with the same 'coin supply'. How many of the people excited about this coin have considered these angles? Like Trevon, I stay away from ICO's. I personally prefer to just invest in coins once they hit the exchange.

I mostly see ICO's as a way for people who are seeking to 'get rich quick' within this space. Good luck to them!

I did grab a position with them, and may invest - If you'd like to 'take the risk' and see if it works out in your favor, Feel free to Join the ICO For Electronuem Here.


Meanwhile, I hope you're also invested in some of the coins that have a 'similar' coin supply. Stellar Lumens, Ripple, Doge, are all investments that 'someday' are expected to moon. What's mostly keeping their price 'low' is the supply. Remember, this is not like fiat, when the supply runs out that's it. Value skyrockets at that point, with each one of these coins.

Will you be investing in this one? Let us know - please be cautious with your money! (this is not financial advise)