I'm giving away 1,000 Electroneum to one of you!! Enter before 01/30/2018

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1,000 Electroneum giveaway to one luck person!

1,000 ETN Giveaway.png

4 things that must be done in order to win!

  1. Simply upvote this post!

  2. Resteem this post!

  3. Comment on this post the country you're currently living in! Let's see how many different countries we can get!

  4. Lastly, you have to follow me! (I will follow you back)

I know I know, you might be thinking I'm buying followers or upvotes.


But what difference does it make, you could win 1,000 electroneum!!!


So get excited!


I will announce the winner in 7 days! All 4 criteria must be fulfilled in order to win!

If you have an Electroneum wallet, I will transfer the tokens to that address. If you do not have a wallet, I would suggest downloading it (if you have an Android device) at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.electroneum.mobile&hl=en

If you don't have an Android, you can create one at https://my.electroneum.com/ on your desktop.

If you download the app, give them my referral code (F2647B) to help me out a bit.

If you do not download a wallet through Electroneum. The only other way I can transfer them to you is if you have an account with Cryptopia, Hitbtc, or Next.exchange. These three exchanges have ETN listen on them and will provide you with a deposit wallet address.

Once the winner is drawn, I will reply to your comment and ask for that address!. Check back to this post on January 30th, 2018 to see if you have been selected! Thank you for participating and good luck!!!

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Electroneum to Pluto's moon!

United States

Ha, yes please!! Thanks for participating! Cheers!

Los Angeles, California, USA

Thanks for being with us @ragemaster! Good luck!!

oops just missed




Hi @Stuffy Thanks for participating! I think you are the first from Ghana to join!

I upvoted, resteemed and followed you....praise the lord :-) USA

Thank you so much! Yes! I don't praise him near as much as I should!

Colorado, USA

Sweet Contest!

United States 🇺🇸

Glad you think so! Thank you for participating in it! Good luck to you!!

Bosna and Herzegowina // Here goes nothing I guess :D

Can i get it and follow back too

United States

I live in pakistan

everything done ^^;;

germany, bavaria ;)

Cool Beans! I have never been, but I want to go to Germany so bad! Thanks so much!

i hope i win :D

live in germany, frankfurt

You very well could! Good luck! Thanks for participating!

United States of America! Resteemed, Upvoted, and following!

Thanks a bunch! Welcome to steemit! I Look foward to hearing about your mining expirences!

Followed, upvoted and resteemed my brother! UK here
In case anyone has issues setting up the mobile wallet, you can also set up an ETN wallet on your desktop using the Electroneum Full Node Miner Binary;

Thanks so much! Thank you for the tip as well!


Upvoted, resteemed and followed

Thank you sir! 2nd from Nigeria..Nice!

Thanks i should have been the first because i was second to vote but trying to reply i got message bandwidth exceed

I live in Nigeria

I live in India. I have Upvoted, resteemed and followed your profile.

Thanks a lot! Following you back!

HEY... from the USA
Is there any way to get 1000BTC instead 1000ENT ( just trying LOL)


You are not funny at all
lmao 1000btc lol

I wish I was able to give away that many bitcoins!

Here from ny usa!

Germany, Bavaria here.

Thank you, and good luck!

i am from Nigeria, i dont know if i might be lucky but pls imstead of sending 1k elec to. 1 person kindly split it to 10 100 to every one, i dont even think i still might be lucky, but anyways thanks

Thats a good idea! Maybe i will do that next time! Thanks for partcipating. You never know mate, you could end up being the lucky one this time!

i believe, cause the man above is my guild and also your guild. #marshalllife Amen

You have added to your post some cool gifs

You have cool idea with that giveaway too, must have plenty of ETN, lucky guy ;-)

Thank you, love me some good gifs! If you resteem my post you will be in the drawing too! Thanks for the upvote and follow... following you back!

Thank you for both, the upvote and the follow. And as to the contest, I'll pass, let some people without any ETN coins to win it ;-)

aw, how nice! You wouldn't want your followers to miss out on this chance though.....

You are pushing LOL ;-)
But I love the girl above and take what she is just saying ;-)

Just checking out Steemit, from Canada. ETN was my first ICO. Could always use more!

Awesome!! Welcome to steemit. Make sure you do your introduceyourself post! ETN was actually my first ICO as well! I've been buying btc since it was $90 in 2013 though. Glad i could be your first follower!

France, good luck everyone ! Thanks for this information, I was looking for the best way to store Electroneum as I'm gonna go get it very soon so thanks for your advice :D

Thank you! Glad i could help' good luck!

Do you know if it's already possible to trade SBD for electroneum ? Just an independent question I had in mind. Thanks in advance !

No, not directly. You would have to go through btc or ltc in order to get SBD or steem.

Ok thanks, pity we can only trade Steem with Dash, Litecoin, Eth and Btc, Btcash for now

Good to join in

I am from Nigeria

Thank you for joining!

hello from greece, followed,upvoted and resteemed,
wish i will be the lucky one

Thanks a bunch! I hope to visit greece one day!


Sweet, Thanks! Don't forget to follow!

Here from the u s of a.
I think I followed all the rulez =)
Thanx for a chance to win :)

Your welcome and thank you for participating!

I live in Vancouver, Canada! Upvoted, resteemed & followed.

Thanks for participating! Good luck!


Awesome! Thanks for participating!

I have done as you requested.
From Nigeria.

Awesome! It looks like Nigeria has a big crypto community! Good luck!

Bucharest, Romania :)

Thank you @alinabarbu your blog looks very interesting! Happy to follow you!

Don't forget to resteem the post for the 1,000 ETN!


Good ol 'merica! Thanks for being with us! Good luck!


United States. Personally, Electroneum is in my top 3 cryptos Im excited about.

Nice! It's one of my favorites too!

Bangladesh! A beautiful place you can visit! Resteemed! Followed! Upvoted! Commented! Done!

Bangladesh!! Would love to visit some day! Thanks for participating!

Looking forward to the 1000 electroneum my friend! Thanks @lanceswallart! USA!

Glad you're excited! Thanks for participating!

WA state, USA

Thanks for participating! Cheers!

i am current live in sri lanka. and i love ETN

Sweet! I love ETN too! Thanks for checking out the post and participating!

you'r welcome and i hope join with you to ETN land

Sweet! Thanks for participating!

No problem!
:) Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

Awesome!! Thanks for joining use. I want to travel to Ireland one day!

Awesome, Thanks for participating

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This is Victor from Hong Kong! I love ETN! ^_^

Hi Victor from Hong Kong! Thanks for participating! ETN is great!!

I hope to go to London one day! Thanks for participating!

All is done ! Romania 🇷🇴 Good Luck Everyone ! How or where you will announce the winner?

Thanks a lot! I Will make a seperate post announcing the winner. I Will tag all who participated so everyone will get a notification.

@electroneumcry Dont forget to resteem the post as well!

Thanks for the opportunity! I am from the US!
Followed, upvoted, and resteemed!

You very welcome! Thank you for joining! Good luck!!

Algerian living in sweden now

Nice! Thanks for participation! Good luck!

AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I want it!!! I live in Spain, I upvoted you, resteemed, and followed! I can haz electroneumz now plzz?

Ah, Spain..... very nice! Your photos are beautiful. I look fwd to following you! Thanks for participating!

Hey thanks so much man :) Yes Spain is quite beautiful, looking forward to following you as well!

Sweet! Thanks for joining! Good Luck

of course! hoping I win haha winner winner chicken dinner

Very nice! Thanks for joining in!

Woah! Very generous! Would that be enough to commissioner you to do a mural? Hope business is doing well!

United States. SoCal... because you don't have you shovel sunshine!

Maybe a couple thousand more ETN for a Mural. Business is good but always looking to take it to the next level. Thanks for joining us and good luck!

England, upvoted and followed.
Cool give away, and great way to get new followers too, nice!

I thought it couldn't hurt. Thanks for participating.

@smartkhan Don't we all! Lol I wish you the best of luck!

Antartica ;) (UK really lol)

resteeming now, upvoted and followed

Ahh bummer, That would have been so freakin cool if you were in Antarctica lol! Thanks for joining us! Good luck!

Yes indeed it does!!

Nice contest, thanks!
Hello to all Electroneum fans here from New Zealand.

Glad you could be apart of it! New Zealand is definitely on my "places I must visit" list! Good luck!

Yeah! Haven't been here for to long but its a beautiful country and so far I'm loving it. No regrets!

This post has been deemed resteem & upvote worthy by your friendly @eastcoaststeem ran by Steemian @chelsea88

Upvoted, resteemed and followed!

Living in the UK currently!

awesome! Thank you kindly!

upvote and follow~

@ssambalim Make sure you resteem the post to be eligable to win! Cheers!

nice post it

Thank you!

Who is the winner let me know sir

Get youre asses ready we are going to the moon!

Missed it but you have great content so i'm gonna follow.
Greetings from a swede in Norway :)

Thank you sir! Wish i had the time and motivation to post daily but i kind of suck at being consistent like that. Thanks for the follow!