Causes Of Electric Shock

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Essentially electric shocks occur when a current of electricity flows through the body. The amount of electricity determines the danger. Common household causes of electric shock:

  1. Plugging in electronics with wet hands
  2. Cutting and drilling into drywall and hitting wiring
  3. Changing fuses
  4. Putting metal into outlets (mostly children)

First thing first, if the person is still being shocked, you need to cut the power. The longer they are electrocuted, the more drastic the injury.,Plus, cutting the power is the most surefire way to ensure you don’t fall victim to the shock as well.

If you can’t cut the power, separating the person from the electricity source is your only alternative. If you touch them with your bare hands, you risk getting shocked as well. Doing this safely is a primary concern. If you’re injured, you won’t be of any help. Use a dry, non-conducting material to physically separate them from the hazard. Wood, cardboard, and plastic are household materials that work well to prevent shock.

Depending on the severity of the shock, the victim may have been knocked unconscious and their breathing may have stopped. You need to determine if respiration is occurring. Listen for the sounds of breathing. If the person is not breathing, and if you have been trained, begin CPR. This information is also important to relate to the medical responders so that they can properly care for the patient.

So it's important to follow the electrical instruments instructions on maintaining and servicing the unit to prevent damage to the home’s electrical system and personal injury.

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