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This is a copy of my post I posted last week on my main account. All rewards will be sent to null.

I am glad we are finally getting the referee issue resolved on Sportstalk. In the beginning I was vetted and asked to join as a referee and agreed. For those of you that haven't worked it out I am referee number 4 and that is the number I will be using for the upcoming election. I see someone has already kindly voted for @cryptoandcoffee so please if you could remove that and be so kind to stick it on referee number 4 then.

I am not going to give myself a plug besides the fact I just think I am someone who is easy going and tries to be as fair as possible. If someone crosses the line and has done repeatedly then I will nail them. In the beginning I did use my personal account to get stuck in to various users and it is good to see they have stopped or have moved on.

I would love to use my alt account @cryptoandsports, but it is unrealistic as we have to downvote with 100 percent in order to bring in the main referee account to vote. Our percentage will highlight how much that account downvotes so it would be pointless using my sports account as then I would have no voting power left for upvoting posts.

I am happy it is going to be over a two week period as currently I have been struggling to make time. I would love to see others have the opportunity to take on this role and have more of the community involved. The more members involved over a period of time makes for a stronger united group who will help police the site. We all use sportstalk and want to see it succeed and to do that we all need to be involved.

You may think it is easy ,but it is far from that as it takes loads of time and effort to sift through all the posts. I see my next role if voted in will be a short stint and then stepping aside to hand over to someone else. Fortunately my factory and business shuts down from mid December to mid January and I will have plenty of time on my hands then.

I think the time is consumed on checking for plagiarism and just bad behavior like self voting ones own comments. In the beginning it was a massive learning curve as I had no idea how bad some of the users really were until I and other referees dug deeper. The abuse has improved from where it was originally and continues to improve month on month.

If any of you do decide to want to vote for me please upvote referee number 4 and not @cryptoandcoffee or @cryptoandsports. I need those accounts to still upvote and downvote on a personal level when I see fit.

If you haven't seen today's post from @sportstalksocial here is the link.


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