Referee Verification Post - @referee007 aka @leedsunited aka @nathen007

in #electref4 years ago

OK, so after a further change of mind, I have decided to stand as a referee.

I have been here from the start and want to encourage people to post good content. That's not to say it has to be 1000s of words long or in perfect English or any other language. I just want people to post honestly and with sincerity and integrity about gossip and teams and sportsmen that interest them. Not just trying to get three @dlike posts in quick succession because that's their quota.

Community is first, rewards are second, this tribe is NOT a license to print money nor is it an 'investment portfolio', it's primarily a community of like-minded people simply bitching and chatting about Sport.

With this in mind, this is the criteria I use when I look for abuse, as well as the obvious plagiarism and copy/paste.

Engagement is key and I would love to see more comments and replies to comments. Step out of your comfort zones and try reading some new stuff!

Let's try and encourage and help people. No easy route to riches. Effort and sincerity every time wins the upvotes but spam and farming will get you whacked.

As an official referee, I solemnly swear to abide by the consensual decision on downvote targets.........

As a community member, I solemnly swear to personally downvote anyone I think is an abuser regardless of my 'official capacity'.

I want to simply see a thriving community that encourages everyone from everywhere to post and chat about sport.

I am @leedsunited and I will not be hiding behind an anonymous referee handle, I will be @referee007

rewards from this post will be sent to @null

Great to know about you, Congrats Nathan

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A very wise update in your discussion, and we will always try to provide original and natural content and according to the rules, to enhance growth in the social sportstalk community, of course, so that the sports scots will grow to be the best in the future.

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