I'm Seeking Help With Curation and Moderation for #SportsTalk

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Reach out to the @actifit moderators one may be willing to take it on since they are already viewing posts tagged #sportstalk 😘

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I think that would be an excellent cross over! I'll reach out to their team to see if there's also interest. Thank you! :)

You welcome glad to help 👍

You can try @korver or other active users on sports community sir. i am also welling to help but i don't think so if it is ok to do it using my phone. :)

A lot of active users here on sports that cares alot and i really appreciate especially @abh12345.sports for one of the best active referees.

You actually could help from mobile as well! As long as you can download Discord to the device and log into SportsTalkSocial.com then you'd have all you'd need to do the job.

I have to agree about our community and @abh12345.sports! I'm so thankful for all of the great users who have brought even more sporting content to Steem. As for @abh12345, he's been a tremendous asset to the whole #sportstalk community and should be highly commended for all of his work. It's users like him that make Steem be as great as it is!

yes agreed! and i recognize that to him by my self :)

I have discord actually i was there. :)

Resteemed. It's an honourable call for service. Thanks for the effort.

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