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We went out and voted early this year to avoid the massive Red Tsunami coming here in the United States. And from a previous ballot sent on twitter you can see that I voted RED all the way down the ticket. I don't believe and have never seen in my voting life a time where the demorats are offering anything better than what we as Americans are going through now.

Have you? what is the demorat platform? Is there any Demorat out there really making a difference for policy changes that are pro-larger growth than what is being seen now? Shit, here in my state we have a black man running for governor who is looking to raise taxes by 40% and then slowly install a damn income tax. I don't know about any of you out there but I like keeping my money in my pocket and have enjoyed no income taxes on wages since 2002.

So why is he looking to come in here and fuck shit up with more taxes and no business growth? Who would vote for this shitshow promoted by Andrew Gillum?

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