Aftermath of 2019 Presidential Debate {Nigeria}

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We all sat glue to our television sets,ensure our Mobil devices were all properly connected to best 4G networks for live streaming in case we are not close to a television set. Though there are over fifty aspirants, five aspirants got chosen from public survey taken for the five most popular candidates aiming for the highest office of the land. They are

  • Muhammadu Buhari: incumbent President gunning for a second term in office under All Progressive Congress(APC)

  • Abubaka Atiku: former Vice President and candidate of People Democratic Party(PDP)

  • Dr Oby Ezekwesili : Former World Bank Vice President (Africa) of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN)

  • Fela Durotoye : Motivational/International Speaker,Business Coach Trainer of Alliance For New Nigeria (ANN)

  • Prof. Kingsley Moghalu : United Nation envoy, former Deputy governor Central Bank of Nigeria. Young Progressive Party(YPP)

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The stage is set,looking forward for this box office debate but unfortunately the two leading contenders didn't participate
As a matter of fact, Presidential candidate of PDP Atiku Abubakar; did actually show up at the venue but didn't get up the debating platform because
Incumbent President, Mohammadu Buhari didn't show up for the debate. This wasn't a good game plan for Atiku so He refused to participate and I was really disappointed

My Thoughts

The debate has come and gone but it will really tell or send a strong signal to the Nigerian electorate who is most suite for this top job of the land.

Why didn't Incumbent President turn up for the Debate

  1. President Buhari was busy with is campaign and he didn't know of the debate

  2. Presidential Debate is not part of Electoral laws in Nigeria,so it wasn't compulsory for the President to participate

  3. President Buhari is not an eloquent speaker as such so he might not be able to compete with Candidates of ANN, ACPN and YPP

  4. As the Incumbent President, he will bear the Brunt of the current state of the nation with a lot of questions to answer
    These are my possible thoughts why President Buhari didn't participate in the debate

Now let me also give the possible outcome Why Atiku should have/ not Participated in the Debate

  1. The debate would have given Atiku a good ground to sell himself to electorate; so he should have joined the debate. I so much believe that answering those questions and putting forth his manifesto would have bought the hearts of Nigerians

  2. If Atiku participated in the debate, he would have been the punching bag of the event because the three other participants are well versed young minds craving for a better Nigeria.

  3. The reason Atiku not joining the debate being the absent of incumbent President Is not a justifiable reasons to me; Mr Buhari is a candidate looking for the job while Mr Atiku is also a candidate still going for the job. Though Former Vice President has apologized for not participating I believe the presidential race will be a hot contest.

Final Thought

Let all Nigerians eligible to vote go out to perform their civil responsibility, Ensure your Permanent Voter's card(PVC) is ready and don't sell it. I recommend Debate should be included in our electoral act and a peaceful election for the posterity of our great Nation

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You've made quite some good points here. I agree with your witty analysis. I was disappointed that Atiku and Buhari did not participate. Our democracy is still evolving and soon, hopefully, the debates will become compulsory.


Thank you I wish our beloved country well in our political processes. Looking forward to see that debate is including in our democratic process also Kudo @gradhibaba

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