Election... Ekiti state, Nigeria Decides

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Election according to word web dictionary is the process of voting or selecting people into post of administration or political office. This of course should be free and fair giving every aspirant/contestant equal chance of emerging as a winner.

Today the people of Ekiti state, a province in Nigeria will be going to the poll in electing a governor that will governs them for the next four democratic year. It has always be a fight between two heavy weight political party in the country, the people Democratic Party (pdp) and All progressive congress (APC). There is surely going to be a class of power tussle between the federal government and state government. The state is currently under the leadership of a PDP man, the main opposition party in the country while the country is under the regime of the APC, the ruling party.

Prior to today election the state has seen some drama and security apparatus misused. There was evasion of security on the government house which resulted in the throwing of canastals and sporadic shooting by the policemen. The governor of the state was caught in the mist of this where he claimed he was hit by the policemen leaving him with a dislocated neck and arm.

As it's a usual practice among the politicians during election years, there is the sharing of money to the electorate just for them to have their vote. The election heat is really high in the state. Both ruling and major opposition parties have been busy sharing a sum between #3000 and #5000 for the masses to have them on their sides.

The mobilization of heavy security outfit is also not left out. There was availability of over 3000 policeman including military personnel sent to Ekiti state for today election. Most people believe the federal government plans to use the security apparatus to threaten electorate so that their political party will win.

The election process has started with voters trooping out to exercise their civic responsibility accordingly.
cross section of voters at their polling boot




There are 34 candidate contesting for the governor of Ekiti state today but the major political weight is between the People Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress.


I wish for an election process which is free and fair. Electorate should vote with their conscience and not with collected money. I wish for the best candidate that will have the interest of the people to eventually emerge as the governor.


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