Manipulated into v-ting

in #election5 years ago

I don't need a president. I don't support Trump or Clinton (or Johnson, or even Vermin Supreme). I won't v-te. I have no pony in the show, but...

It is obvious to me how badly the mainstream mass media wants Hillary to win. So they do everything they can to paint Trump as UltraHitler, and to fool The People into v-ting for Hillary Clinton. It's so obvious it should be embarrassing to them.

Hillary's shortcomings, health problems, and crimes are ignored or glossed over. Everything Trump does is snatched up, latched onto, and twisted into the worst possible interpretation and then harped on endlessly. The mainstream mass media is absolutely desperate for Hillary to be president. Desperate!

If I were a v-ter, I'd v-te for anyone other than Hillary for that reason alone. I hate feeling manipulated. But, if I change my behavior just because the mass media wants me to do one thing, and I do the opposite, I have still been manipulated. Every v-ter has been manipulated in one way or the other. It's unavoidable.

The best option is still to refuse to v-te. Why keep playing a rigged game against liars? You really don't have to, you know.