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It is a little more than a month until election day and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse I see this article:

Last week I did a poll on who should have to pay for the care of the over 400 immigrant children that are still separated from their parents and then this article comes out.

I find out it isn’t just over 400 children that are separated but 13,000.

And now government agents are going to the foster homes and shelters in the middle of the night where these kids have to taken care of, sleeping 3 to a room and getting an education and they are put on buses for a cross-country trip 35 miles from the Mexican border in the Texas desert where they are housed in tents separated by gender. 20 to a tent and get no schooling.

This reminds me of the Japanese interment camps back in World War 2. At least back then the government had the decency not to separate children from their families. Not so today.

And it gets worse. The only way these kids can leave this camp is if they get deported or if they are sponsored by someone that is willing to take care of them. Well immigrant people are coming to apply to sponsor these children and when they show up to apply THEY are arrested!

What crime have these people committed to condone such horrible treatment? They come to this country trying to provide a better life for themselves and their families. That’s the crime.

Has everyone forgotten how this country got founded in the first place, through immigration. For most of us our ancestors weren’t born here. They were immigrants. Unless they were native American.

Immigration is what made our country grow. It is what made it strong. To refresh your memory here is are of what is written on the plaque on the Statue Of Liberty:

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This is what made America great and this is what some people want to destroy.

And now it doesn’t matter if you were born here or not. You could find yourself detained and scheduled for deportation to a country you have never even been to before.

San Bernardino woman, detained by ICE despite being U.S. citizen, sues

How a U.S. citizen was mistakenly targeted for deportation. He’s not alone

And what I don’t understand is that while in the private sector of this country people that are only accused but not charged with being sexually inappropriate with women are fired from there jobs. But if you’re a politician it seems to be almost a requirement. And if you actually admit to doing it you can be President.

And then there is the matter of how we treat the immigrants who have come to this country, Joined the military, went overseas and fought for this country and some even died for it and the ones that came back to this country, How did we repay them for their service? WE DEPORTED THEM!

Deported U.S. military veterans commemorate Memorial Day in Mexico

And our freedom of the press is being threatened.

Donald Trump threatens to shut down NBC and other TV news networks that criticize him

And we have a president that advocated violence all through his campaign.

And we have lost the respect of the nations of the world.

It is time that we took our country back and REALLY make it great again.

The majority of the people didn’t elect this president. We didn’t have any control over who got elected. But we do still have control over who stays in Congress.

These are the people that helped Donald Trump get elected and have taken a blind eye to everything he has done. It is time that we take back control and remove all the Republicans we can from Congress.

I really believe Michael Moorre when he says:

“Trump could be America's last president”

I also believe that if we do not remove the republicans from our congress and they remain the majority that we will cease to be a democracy and become a dictatorship.

If this is what you want to happen then just do nothing or vote for the republicans. If you want to keep our way of life and fight for this country then get everyone you can to go vote with you on election day and vote every republican you can out of office.


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