Adult Protective Services

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If you have elders or seniors in your family that need attention, please reach out for help. There is a growing issue around the world, especially in the developed world of aging populations that are growingly isolated. Please assist the seniors in your life to find options, our elders deserve our love and respect. If they are struggling to care for themselves due to depression, physical ailments, lack of resources, isolation, abandonment or any other issue reach out to the social service agencies such as protective services or other non-profit or religious organizations. There is a growing awareness of the health, malnourishment, an quality of life risks that are affecting our elders. The following is info and general examples of issues from the WI agency.

Self-Neglect - significant danger to individual's physical or mental health because the individual is responsible for own care but fails to obtain adequate care, including food, shelter, clothing, or medical or dental care.

Adult Protective Services (APS) - any services provided to an individual with developmental disabilities, degenerative brain disorder, serious and persistent mental illness, or other like incapacity, keep the individual safe from abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation, prevent individual from experiencing deterioration, or stop the individual from inflicting harm on oneself or another person.

"Protective services" include any of the following:

Identification of individuals in need of services
Counseling and referral for services
Coordination of services for individuals
Tracking and follow-up
Social services
Case management
Legal counseling or referral
Guardianship referral
Diagnostic evaluation

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