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Player Housing, also known by the name of Homestead, was launched in February of 2017 as a new feature that lets players choose a home for their characters. After completion of an initial quest, adventurers are given a small room in the local inn. In this article, we want to show you what you can get from this system, how to use it to your advantage, and where you can move past the claustrophobic room that you are initially put in. Let's take a gander at the Homestead in Elder Scrolls Online.

What is the Housing system

Elder Scrolls Online offers you a chance to pick one of 40 different homes for your character. Each house has its unique style based on one of 10 playable races like Breton, Dark Elf or Argonian. Even though they were designed to fit their background, they can be inhabited by anybody. Only Imperial-Styled homes are restricted to the owners of the Imperial Edition of ESO. If you are the adventurer who loves traveling and you never stay in one place for a longer than a day, then you are in luck - you can buy yourself all houses available in the game. Here are is what you need to know about Homestead:

  • Five house types determine their size: Apartment, Small, Medium, Large and Manor

  • Smaller houses can be upgraded to a bigger one with the use of the gold

  • You can decorate your house with the craftable furniture

  • Each house has its limits in terms of space, item amount that can be stored, and a number of visitors that can get in. A bigger house means a bigger capacity for everything.

  • You can duel other players in the house, but that won't be possible when you are residing at the inn room

  • Pets, Mounts, Assistants, and summons cannot be used in the house, but they can be put there as a decoration.

    A first step towards the house ownership

    To get into the player housing system, you will have to complete a quest "A Friend in need" first. To do that, open up the Crown Store and select "A Friend in need housing brochure." Depending on your faction, you might be sent to one of three locations on the map. After the completion of this mission, you will be given your first room in the local Inn. This place is small, but you can expand it by buying the other two rooms for 3000 gold each. After that, you will also be able to purchase your own home. If you have a small amount of currency, don't worry. You can always buy more Elder Scrolls Online gold in any store.

    How to choose a house

    Before purchasing your first home, it would be nice to see how it looks like, both on the outside and inside. The easiest way to do that is to head to Crown Store's section called "Houses." There you can see all available buildings that are listed for the purchase. Each of them has a "Preview" option that allows you to take a closer look at the trade that you are about to make. If you choose to do that, your character will be teleported to the building, and you will be able to see for yourself what it looks like. You can also access this feature by going to the house by yourself or by "Previewing" it through the collection tab.

    There are a couple of ways that can be used to purchase a house in Elder Scrolls Online:

    • You can purchase it in the Crown's Store Housing tab via Crowns. This method unlocks even houses restricted by various achievements.

    • You can get one for free by finishing a quest from Canthion, the House Broker.

    • You can open a Homestead that's available for purchase, and buy it if you meet the requirements.


    During your house purchase, you are given two options: to buy it in its raw state or to get already furnished one. It is almost impossible to find two identically furnished buildings in Elder Scrolls Online since with customization options, players can alter how their home looks on the inside. Your personal touch can be added through the furniture acquired by crafting but also can be purchased. New additions can be placed in the Housing Editor that lets you change the house architecture, so if you want to move around things, you are free to do so.

    To get new furniture you have to:

    • Craft it through the use of professions, or

    • Buy it with gold from General Goods Merchant or Achievement Furnisher in every major city, or

    • Buy it with Crowns from Crown Store that can be found in settings menu.


    You can also fill your house with special decorations. Mounts that you cannot ride on, non-combat Pets, Assistance that you can interact with (like Merchants), target Skeletons which allow for DPS testing, Guild Blueprints at the Library, Usable Crafting Stations where you can craft and upgrade your gear and rare items gained from Fishing skill.

    To craft furniture, you will have to obtain a specific Furnishing Plan. They can be acquired from random containers, as a monster drop or a pickpocketing reward. Some blueprints require higher knowledge about specific skills to be crafted. For example, you may need rank 9 in Woodworking, rank 7 in Tailoring, and rank 4 in Metalworking to assemble a higher level bed. If you are planning to furnish your house with valuable items, make sure to level up your skills or find someone who can assemble everything for you. By making everything yourself, you will be able to sell your furniture since all decorations are tradeable.

    Setting up a home

    If you have multiple houses - after your arrival in the second one, you will receive a message. A window will pop-up asking whether you want to set this house as your primary residence or not. This option indicates where is your home that your friends and guild members will be allowed to travel to. You can add and remove permission to enter your buildings by pressing the F5 button. There you will be able to invite specific players or remove from the list those that you don't want to enter.


    Top 5 best houses in ESO

    #1 Alik'r Desert: Sentinel - Sister Sands Apartment

    • Price for unfurnished version - 12k Gold or 640 Crowns

    • Price for furnished version - 800 Crowns


    It is one of the cheapest houses that you can get in the game. It gives you a lot of room for movement since it is not too cluttered, and it is quite big for a starter house. On top of that, you will gain access to all of the crafting stations that are located in the city of Sentinel, so as a beginner, you probably won't need anything else.

    #2 Bangkorai: Hallin's Stand - Twin Arches

    • Price for unfurnished version - 73k Gold or 2600 Crowns

    • Price for furnished version - 3300 Crowns


    The more expensive option is dedicated to mid-level players who want more than just a simple brick. Unlike many houses in the game, this one has a small outside area connected to the building where you can put your mounts or crafting stations, which will not only look good but will also not look out of place. The interior was made in an "L" shape with one area and no additional rooms. It is quite a big space where you can put a bunch of items without blocking your paths; however, if you want some privacy, you'd better look for more expensive options.


    #3 Eastmarch: Windhelm - Grymharth's Woe

    • Price for unfurnished version - 280k Gold or 3800 Crowns

    • Price for furnished version - 4800 Crowns


    Those of you who are looking for a more traditional house then the others on this list will be happy to check out this one. It consists of two floors. On the bottom one, you can find a tiny chimney and a small pantry with a cooking range just below the stairs. The main room consists of a large space with two tables and multiple chairs, which somewhat resembles a tavern. By going up the stairs, you will reach the upper level with another open space where you can find a chest and a bed. There are also two doors - one is the exit from the house (so you can leave from both levels) and one to the separate room with another bed. Since it is located in Windhelm it has some Nordic style to it and looks like a shelter from the harsh winters that this area is known for.


    #4 Craglorn: Imperial City - Domus Phrasticus

    • Price for unfurnished version - 295k Gold or 4000 Crowns

    • Price for furnished version - 5000 Crowns


    This place has an enormous outside area where you can show off your collection of mounts or just put a lot of decorations to. You can run around your building since there is a path to the backside of the house. There you will also find a very small stable, and on the way, you will see a couple of lanterns standing near the road. On the inside of the house, there is a tiny amount of space decorated with small tables, bookshelves, and bed. You will also see the chimney right there, which brings to this interior a warm, comfortable look. At the upper level of the home, there are two beds and similar furniture to this that you could see on the lower level. It is a bit less cluttered, but it is once again a small area. If you want to have a nice and big outside area and a tiny but comfy inside doesn't scare you away, then this house should be your choice.


    #5 Stormhaven: Wayrest - Gardener House

    • Price for unfurnished version - 1 Million Gold or 5700 Crowns

    • Price for furnished version - 7100 Crowns


    In this case, you will also get a pretty big outside area, but you won't be able to make a circle around your house. Instead, you will get a pretty wide road on the side that leads to the stable on the backside of the yard. It is still a big outside space, which is enough to fit all of the crafting stations you might need, but it is a bit smaller than the previous one. The price of one million might be too high for a single player, but you aren't paying for anything. For this price, you will get a large house that consists of three levels big enough to fit a guild inside. On every level, there is a bunch of furniture like tables, bookshelves, chairs, carpets, and other things. You can also find beds on the upper level and the ground floor. The cellar looks more like a pantry with a bunch of boxes; however, it is still a pretty big area that can serve various purposes. The most significant advantage of this house is its location. Wayrest is one of the most popular cities in the game, and you can access all kinds of services there, so having a home at this place gives you quick access to everything that this city has to offer.


    #6 Honorable mention - Stros M'kai: Hunding's Palatial Hall

    • Price for unfurnished version - 1,296 Million Gold or 6500 Crowns

    • Price for furnished version - 8100 Crowns


    Our honorable mention goes to the most beautiful house in the game. In Stros M'kai, players can purchase Hunding's Palatial Hall, which is one of the biggest Homesteads in the game. The building was designed in an Arabic style, and this is more of a Palace than a regular house. On the outside, you can enjoy a vast area where you can access the bower with a view of the sea, watchtowers, large stable, private beach, and more. Since everything is located on a tropical island, there are many beautiful spots for sightseeing. On the main part of the island, there is a large manor that consists of two levels. On the ground floor, you can find a big chimney and a kitchen. There are also multiple chairs, couches, tables, and a large bookcase. At the upper level, there are many beds and decorations and even a sauna. From there, you can also get to the bower that we have mentioned before. In general, this place looks like it was made for a Sultan or at least a prosperous merchant. It would be the best Homestead in the game; however, it is quite unfunctional due to its location and one of the highest ESO house prices.


    ESO Housing gives Elder Scrolls Online not only a good place for a Roleplay but also a useful function that you can benefit from. We hope that with this guide you will be able to get the first house for yourself, furnish it and open it up for your friends. If you were unsure which one will be the best for you, the tips provided at the end of this article might have helped you out. Make sure to show us how your house in Elder Scrolls Online looks like.

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    Zenimax Online Studio created a world with great content and lots of features. Estate system is just another great example of the amount of time and detail that this developer is putting in each update and every new DLC. Completing one simple quest in-game gives the player access to this amazing feature and clicking on the buy now an option when you are inside one of the available houses is enough to move to your next home. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How does housing work in ESO?

    You can buy multiple houses, furnish them and use them whenever you'd like to.

    How do you get a free house in ESO?

    By finishing a quest from Canthion, the House Broker.

    How do I get a house in Skyrim Online?

    You can either buy it by Gold, Crowns, or get one for free from the quest.

    Where can I have a house?

    In Mathiisen, Daggerfall, Ebonheart and many other locations.

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