The most in-depth analysis in the Elastos history of the 2018 coinage

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The blockchain is in the early stages of development and is in the ascendant. The current block chain project so much, if you would like to identify truly valuable rare, investors need to consider the technical maturity, project scarcity and ecological integrity, team members and community cohesion, etc. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the most potential of the project of decentralized application (DApp) ecosystem platform, Elastos, in 2018.

Elastos location, history and vision
1 Elastos location: decentralized smart Internet

Project background: centralised Internet has broken the Internet's original intention!

(1) from "decentralization" to "centralised" Internet

The Internet was born in 1969, and the founders developed the principle of decentralization nearly half a century ago -- any node joined its ecology without the need for any central authority to approve it. This decentralized principle has enabled the Internet to flourish. With the popularity of browsers in the operating system in 1995, the Internet has evolved from a technology research and development project to an integral part of world economic life.

Fifteen years ago, in the era of Internet fundamentalism, you would look for experiences on the Internet, when surfing the Internet was a "surfing" and a bit of wild adventure. At that time, there were products in every field, and every direction was possible, and each site had its own opponents. To this day, do not say that the Chinese only have BAT, the us is Apple, GuGe, Facebook, Amazon, the global pace seems to be consistent. Internet services are becoming more and more "centralized", especially since the PC Internet has moved to the mobile Internet.

The Internet economy has been closed and monopolized in just over 20 years, far exceeding the concentration of resources in the real economy for more than 100 years or even hundreds of years.

The Internet has gone from decentralization to centralization, from connecting to closure, which is the big trend of the Internet. Mr Gates's centralised service has been intimidating, and Mr Jobs's centralised service has received enthusiastic support from the Internet, which will only be faster and more frightening.

Many people don't realize that Internet giants have kept their net users in their private walled places, and netizens are like ants.

(2) is there any reflection on the ability of the young Internet in the future?

As an early generation of the Internet, we have seen the Internet's wild days and know what the Internet looks like.

But over the next 50 years, the Internet supercorporations can do anything, and their influence will be at the top of the country and religion. If you have a grandson, he USES mobile Settings may be apple, lives with apple frame an App scene, have a meal, a haircut, school, medical care, car, house, wife beating, adultery... There is nothing but food and clothing. It is a world that meets all his needs. The only thing he doesn't know is that he lives in an Internet company built by an Internet company that has the Internet outside of it. They will be born and die in apple, and apple will be the human tomb.

Our generation has a chance to reflect on, but in the next generation, may even have no chance to this reflection, because they are born is immersed in a Internet giant "cylinder in the brain".

Now, it seems, we are happy to be "centralised" on the Internet. The more you develop, the more you'll be able to get to the end of your life. But even if there is a free world in the future, it tells the truth that you belong to the world, when you face red and blue pills when the choice, what would you choose to continue in the matrix after a life of entertainment, or convert to struggling Internet states of the original? Even if the Internet companies can always format you, you still want to obey them. This is human tragedy, and man is making his own cage.

The Internet has become so centralized that we think the Internet will bring freedom to everyone. It is only now that the Internet is depriving us of our thoughts. The centralization of the Internet in two decades is monopolization, and finally our fate will be controlled by several people.

You're on a fake Internet

What is the Internet?

It was supposed to be a place for human thought, but now it's getting everyone lost in search engines.

What is the Internet?

It was originally a decentralized topology, but it is now controlled by a centralised supernode.

What is the Internet?

The Internet wants everyone to have independent thinking, but more of it is irrational reviews.

If we go back to the nature of the Internet to think about it, we will find ourselves on a fake Internet.


Project history
Netizens can not help but shout and shout: a real Internet lifetime still can see?

Decentralised smart Internet is about to be born! Elastos -- to decentralize the smart Internet

Elastos's history begins with founder Chen rong. Chen was working for Microsoft in 1992, and in the winter of 1998, Chen rong's team of Windows operating systems began to design a new generation of operating system architecture called ".net ". ".net "was launched in 2002, and the architecture was applied to Microsoft's Vista system in 2005. .net design goal is to "software as a service (SaaS), implemented in 1992 by the Java language, the author first proposed" network is the computer "ideal, its basic principle is to make the network into a" computer internal bus "hidden, prohibited applications and services direct access to the enterprise internal LAN,
This reduces the likelihood of virus transmission, cyber attacks, and privacy leaks. However, the "Common Language Runtime" (CLR) technical route used by Microsoft was not suitable for single-machine load, and the performance of Vista was frequently criticized and failed.

In 1999, Microsoft executives dismissed putri Core Team's COM (the Core COM Team, COM is a Component Object Model) a few people was proposed using C/C + + native language and the CLR parallel implementation ".net "technical route, leading to the group disbanded. Mr. Chen left Microsoft in 2000 to start his own business and continued to pursue the ideal of using Native code to realize "the network is the computer".

Similarly, after Vista, Microsoft started the Windows 10 program, and its basic technical approach was to use native code to implement ".net ". Its two signature technologies: (1) general application technology (UWP), i.e. the same application is applicable to all kinds of terminals, whether x86 or ARM hardware; (2) eternal operating system technology, that is, Windows 10 no longer has Windows 11, the operating system no longer has fragmentation distribution, and its system call API collection applies to all computers. It is not hard to imagine that the network operating system as the support of the Internet ecosystem, could not have forced the peripheral equipment and services to upgrade version, so these two technologies is the Internet of things, edge computing, cloud computing major Internet infrastructure changes.

From 2000 to 2007, putri team by tsinghua science park, China's td-scdma industry alliance, and so on research and development funds to support, complete implementation from the operating system kernel, graphics systems, file systems, hardware drivers, smartphone man-machine interface, power management, and other operating systems designed by almost one hundred percent. The system lays the foundation for today's Elastos native code virtual machine (c ++ VM) technology. It is inconceivable that in 17 years, native code virtual machine technology has rarely been involved in technical teams in the world.

See Windows 2012, putri team 10 essence is to use C/C + + to rewrite ".net ", supported by foxconn group funds, launched the "industrial Internet operating system" project, its essence is to use C/C + + rewrite the Android, and the mother thought of the concept of the two projects, it was hurried curtain call ".net "ten years ago. The identity information (ID) used on the Internet of things (ID) is actually the IP address. It is very easy to be tampered with or falsified, and the issue of industrial Internet security is far more prominent than it was more than a decade ago. Elastos as Internet of things "operating system" has formed the source of millions of lines of source code, including a fully open source of peer-to-peer (P2P) network code, and more than four million lines of the development of the original source code, using C/C + + achieved complete similar Java language libraries and Android loosely-coupled programming framework.

However, neither native code or Internet operating system virtual machine technology, in the money, flow into the king's impetuous atmosphere, Elastos technology has been beset by product positioning, failed to exert potential commercial value.

There is no road to the mountains and the village. At this time, the blockchain technology that was ushered out by the bitcoin boom in 2015 and 2016 has been prominent.

The essence of blockchain is a special purpose computer that is not controlled by any individual or enterprise. Compared to industrial IoT is controlled by an enterprise cloud its restriction of IoT devices, if the enterprise cloud partially replaced by Elastos block chain, as a result of the Internet of things is no longer subject to an enterprise, mobile phone consumers and their families equipment is no longer subject to privacy and the threat of cyber attacks. When Internet identity information (ID) encountered blockchain, the Internet's decentralized trust technology was solved.

And decentralized intelligent Internet need a revolutionary decentralized Internet operating system, the application of a large number of decentralized (DApp) to safe landing, between block chain technology and a rich user experience, there is a huge gap, block chain technology the lack of an entrance to the general public life. The emergence of the Elastos system will change the situation and enable various applications to live.

The encounter between the "network operating system" and the blockchain of Chen rong's team more than a decade ago was a grand encounter. On the other hand, if using block chain technology generated identity information, because it is follow the mathematical principles, completely made up of computer code, released through the decentralization system, the identity information will be absolutely unique and extremely difficult to been tampered with. With this ID to surf the Internet, Internet information security risks can be minimized. This will change the problem of trust between the Internet and P2P. On the other hand, build an ID trusted authentication "network operating system" based on blockchain technology. It will greatly reduce network congestion by connecting various trusted side chains that are authenticated by the underlying "Internet operating system" on top of this base chain. Change the possibility of blockchain network traffic congestion, and it will affect the Internet and Internet of things industry in the future. After the block chain technology solves ID authentication, the combination of "Internet operating system" really makes the Elastos' intelligent Internet era driven by blockchain technology!

The traditional Internet emphasizes physical links, and the social network of software application layer is already a link between people, objects and objects, people and objects. This can be seen in social networking design such as weibo and WeChat. However, a centralised social network to construct human digital living space has its obvious drawbacks. Consumers do not want to see the digital world of warlords. Social networks such as WeChat have introduced "small programs", and the intention to turn Numbers into assets is becoming clear. We know that both of them are programming in scripting languages, both in terms of scripting languages, and they are not likely to implement a computational program that requires a lot of CPU resources, such as deep learning engines and game engines. To decentralize the social network and return to the original dream of the Internet creators 40 years ago, the Internet is the basic tool of human communication and should not be controlled by a central institution.

The Elastos operating system for more than a decade will easily realize the deep integration between the operating system and the underlying Internet, and then solve the problem of trust through blockchain. Elastos will block chain positioning technology for similar smartphones "trusted root (TrustZone, used for ID certification) and its auxiliary side chains (ID chain, the chain of digital assets, etc.), and other decentralized anchor point (0 d). Elastos use side chain fragmentation, after ID authentication between different side chains will not influence each other, more will not affect the operation of the main chain, form the Internet more decentralized the trust of the trusted computing associated line (1 d). Based on it, the plane dimension (2d) of SmartWeb Internet operating system platform is expanded. On the platform of the SmartWeb network operating system, run the Elastos Runtime (c ++ VM) virtual machine sandbox, which is the third dimension (3 dimensions); The decentralized application (DApp) in the fourth dimension of time runs dynamically in a completely closed native code (c ++ VM) virtual machine sandbox (4 dimensions). The Elastos truly did "no computing on the Internet, computing not online" to solve the problem of network congestion.

The Elastos Runtime runs on the customer's OS device with unlimited cost, ability, and performance. It can be used to develop Elastos DApp with traditional programming models and programming languages, or even to transplant existing software directly. The environment that the program runs not only has the scripting language, but the ultimate environment must support the CPU instruction.

Through the sandbox and the OS primary environment, ensure that the digital content will not leak out. Through the P2P network connection block chain service, the authority card is still valid on the user OS, continuing to protect the digital content. Both to low-cost docking existing App ecosystem, including users and developers, and can be extended and extend the range of block chain for digital content protection, also can let user can consumer digital content on mobile phones. All of this will run on the Elastos operating system, a smart Internet project that runs to the center. , meanwhile, will issue Elastos tokens ELA, will practice the decentralized operation like COINS, the ELA will be the only pass the decentralized operation environment, realize the closed loop to the center of the ecology.

Turn Numbers into wealth, accumulate, and trade. Numbers can be broadcast media, or they can play their own games. Just as the feature phone is a text message and a phone call, the smartphone is the phone that runs the App. The traditional Internet is the Internet of information sharing, and the future Internet is the Internet that DApp shares, which is the smart Internet.


Vision: to build the world's leading decentralised Internet and become the carrier of decentralised applications
Market size and prospects

The market size is immeasurable in a centralised Internet industry. If the single from decentralized Internet pie, is likely to be deadly impact of the Internet, even if it is difficult to change the Internet, decentralized thought will win support independent thought minority, far-reaching significance.

With the current digital money market, it is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Elastos is aiming at the market of the Internet as the underlying infrastructure of the Internet operating system and the decentralized application market, the prospect is huge.

The decentralization application of the block chain industry is high for developers and is difficult to popularize. Elastos is working to address the issue of adoption, making it easier to develop and popularizing applications.

Decentralization in the future the Internet will implement a variety of decentralized Internet applications, operating systems are born to be the future running App, and Elastos vision is to create the world's leading decentralized to the Internet, as the application of decentralized aircraft carrier.

Industry analysis

Operating system level: Microsoft, Google, apple

Elastos is currently a leader in the underlying operating system of the block chain, and is now the only one in the industry. As an emerging market, the Internet operating system of the center has broad prospects and huge space, which is a great deal for Microsoft's DOS and Windows operating system, Google's android system and apple's iOS. History tells us that the new operating system needs its unique ecological entry point. As DOS encounters the PC era, iOS and Android have hit the mobile Internet era, and the Elastos opportunity is to capture the Internet era.

Block chain tokens: bitcoin, etheric, EOS

For standard currency: currency was the father of block chain tokens, although Elastos currency block chain as the main chain of the independent, surrounding ecological building Elastos ecological COINS, will also hold the currency by the user can specify the exchange to receive the appropriate number of ELA also to currency, purpose is used in Elastos ecological construction, groundbreaking makes the ELA the influence, and automatically "inherit" the currency of the ecological environment.

For the standard, we have carried the smart contract banner of yitai fang to solve the jam situation of the contract

As the representative of the smart contract, an encrypted cat program caused the congestion in yifang. Because of the increase in the number of encrypted cat transactions, the root cause is from the repeated calculation and verification of the thousands of nodes in the ether lane, which is inevitable and inefficient. It implements the programmable block chain, but a blockchain can be programmed not to be equivalent to a multicolored decentralization application (DApp) ecosystem. "Programmable" is not "arbitrary programming", which means that "universal computing" is not available, and it is often emphasized that Turing is hampered by physical limitations in real life. The cat episode is nothing more than a basic fact that has exposed the reluctance of creator and fans to publicly acknowledge.

For the standard EOS:OS is false and false

EOS claims to be a blockchain operating system, but it does not have the operational experience of application, and more about the practical experience of decentralizing application. Operating system underlying technology threshold is too high, do the operating system is layman EOS, the real is interlaced, such as the hills, than the etheric fang more efficiently provide tokens for block chain ICO project solution, doesn't mean can run efficiently on EOS DApp. To popularize common sense, an operating system (OS) needs to provide the SDK (software development kit) for its users. The EOS white paper simply says that the Web-Assembly sandbox technology supported by Google, Microsoft, and apple's browser supports its DApp. It is well known that the technical realities that the three giants have agreed to do are holding back, and that technology is not going to go smoothly. Moreover, even with the native code sandbox, the API interface for software programming is still unmentioned. The EOS white paper does not call it an operating system, and the fans have said it is the block chain operating system, and the owner does not dispute it. I am afraid psychosexuality means more than the essence.

Represented the etheric fang, EOS intelligent contract because of its ability to store and run mechanism itself, making it difficult to run large DApp, Elastos from putri team. ".net "is dedicated to solving these problems. Elastos trust and calculate the separation "of the Internet operating system, will break through one dimensional chain blocks cannot carry large application landing development bottleneck, to a large number of decentralized applications (DApp) truly safe landing, will really go beyond the etheric fang, represented by the EOS, intelligent virtual machine features high coupling system of existing block chain.

Team analysis
In the Elastos team, you can see the operating system's big cattle and the early members of the blockchain and the open source community builder. The Elastos foundation has a strong membership. And China is the world's largest force dominates the bits, founder of wu avoid cold, create China block chain benchmarking project NEO da hong flew, founder of the team is not strong, great support and NEO powerful ecological community and overseas experience will be Elastos the guarantee of success.

From the technical team

As one of the world's leading teams in block chain technology, there are only a handful of independent chains in the blockchain project (bitcoins, etherlands, EOS, quantum chains, NEO, etc.). Also to cloud with the operating system on the technical advantage, quickly realize corner overtaking, completed within half a year the development of the main chain, the frame can hold enough future block the main chain of the chain of numerous DApp operation, the operating system on nearly 10 years of precipitation will help block chain technology. Decentralizing the operating system will be the best environment to run DApp. The Elastos technical team is a real minority group that understands the value of blockchain and has real technical strength!
From the architectural design

From Elastos Carrier to Elastos Runtime (native code sandbox) to Elastos Chain (common Chain Elastos) and ElastosDApp store. Elastos architecture is designed to cover most of the ecosystem of the blockchain, with clear project architecture and ambitious goals. The project is difficult and requires the Elastos Runtime virtual machine to be migrated to different mainstream operating system platforms such as Android, iOS, PC and Mac.

Elastos open source address from you can see, our plan in June 2018 online Elastos Runtime has started on December 16, 2017 gradually to submit code, the code quality and update the active degree is high, making the code structure is clear. At present, it seems that its development progress is ahead of time. What's the reason not to believe the future development of Elastos?

From the ecological construction team

Founder team in technology and the Internet community, circle, such as the open source community has rich resources, it like a duck to water, generally for Elastos project development, far from Elastos already announced visit, the cooperation company and project, the future of Elastos ecology would be extremely grand and complete:

The future may be linked to exchanges: fire COINS (angel investors), coinage (second world trading volume), okcoin (domestic established exchange), and B network

Communication with large multinational companies: IBM, Microsoft, huawei, deloitte (one of the world's four largest accounting firms)

High school: tsinghua iCenter (through block chain open class format for Elastos reserve and selection of backup technical talents), the company address is attached to tsinghua and wudaokou finance institute (providing strong backing for Elastos)

Block chain project: Stellar (point-to-point transmission of video, audio, information, documents, point-to-point transmission fiat limited is decentralized Internet indispensable partner), NEO (domestic chain blocks, benchmarking based on consensus mechanism of SmartWeb web based technology provider), Ripple, Civic, BeeToken, Chronicled. Cloud services project Subutai. IO, Pantera Capital, decentralized P2P supermarket project INS. World, GNOME foundation

Publicity and cooperation media: 5 major portals, babbitt, Elastos WeChat public number and the self-established baidu post bar, Elastos self-media, etc.

Write at the end of the article

As investors of Elastos, from private to accompany Elastos walked fast half an year, now at the end of the article from the Angle of personal value Elastos value do a "one-sided" analysis, only some of my personal judgment, for reference only.

Elastos value analysis

Capital raising situation
Angel investment: 500wElastos currency, lock for one year. Private equity and public offering: 800wElastos currency: the amount of 200w is locked for half a year, and the amount of 600w is listed in circulation. Private equity is long gone, and nearly 4,000 bitcoins have been raised. Ideally, overseas public offerings would exceed 2,500 bitcoins. Plus angel rounds, the Elastos foundation will have more than 7,000 bitcoins. Compare the current price of bitcoin, which is equivalent to the $9 billion worth of circulation money held by the foundation.


Get the way
Get way: Elastos will sell 200 w for silicon valley technology exchange also to currency amount, using offline non-public raise, mainly used for the construction of the community, overseas line ratio does not exceed 1 BTC: 800 ela, reduced the price of 13 w COINS, in public offering cost is equivalent to about 160 yuan of above. You wait for love Elastos friends of Western Europe, due to various limitations, basically can't bye to, that is to say, can only wait for Elastos2 after 1 on the official exchange to buy!


Value analysis
So far, the success rate of independent original blockchain project has been relatively high. The known blockchain is known as bitcoin, ether, NEO, EOS, quantum chain, etc., which are all original and original chain. Other kinds of fork COINS are simple to modify the blockchain built by a few codes, so the block chain tokens of the independent common chain are very rare varieties. The single Elastos vertical chain is scheduled to launch at the end of December. The speed of research and development is fast, and the technical team is very capable.

The Elastos opening value of the discussion on the standard bitcoins: Elastos USES bitcoin for public offerings, and is not a true ICO. It should be seen as an initial public offering of the ICO, which is defined as no more than 1:800. It is now a month and a half away from February 1, and the probability of bitcoin breaking will exceed 16,000. The cost of the Elastos will be more than 200 yuan. If you look at the listing performance of block chain tokens 3-5 times the opening price of the new project, the reasonable price range for Elastos should be between 400 and 1000 yuan.

The future value of Elastos is discussed in this paper. Currently, the price of yifang is 450 billion yuan. Elastos has less than half its circulation. Assuming that the actual technical and ecological value of Elastos can reach one quarter of the square, the reasonable price range is over 2500 yuan. Assuming that the technical value and ecological value of Elastos are both beyond the ether, then the future of Elastos is not a dream. The price of 200 yuan will increase 50 times.

Around the world, only tens of millions of people are investing in blockchain. In the foreseeable future, this order of magnitude will increase tenfold. The blockchain is the world's stock market, and the total market value of A stock market is predictable. The tokens in the blockchain are both an equity and a digital currency. Since it's a digital currency, you should be able to buy anything. The blockchain world is developing and the cake is getting bigger. If the value of the digital currency has doubled in value over three years, then Elastos is very likely to grow more than 100 times.

It is also possible to take the following measures to enhance the value of early investors:

1: investment rewards early investors, as the advocates of decentralizing Internet value belief, Elastos will give early investors some lock stock awards, so please take the original COINS in your hands.

2: as an independent and chain DApp carrier localization and scarce attribute may bring Elastos bifurcated currency, imagine the future Elastos candy as DApp in the construction of main chain also to cloud continuously extend, Elastos value-added will be accelerated.

If you miss the currency, the etheric fang, NEO made rich opportunities, one hundred times one hundred times the next currencies -- Elastos, Elastos decentralized intelligent Internet project positioning, large DApp carrier localization, technical development speed and technical architecture of macroscopic, and team personnel composition and value of the highly recognition community cohesion, is undoubtedly 2018 block chain one of the most valuable investment targets (perhaps no one),

ElastosToken - ELA will land on the exchanges after February 1, 2018. Will you be the holder of an early investment in Elastos?


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