The Elastos team was invited to communicate at Alibaba headquarters

in elastos •  last year

Newsletter: Elastos team was invited to exchange "Elastos's computing thinking and network security" at Ali headquarters.
Recently, the Elastos team was invited by Alibaba to communicate at Alibaba headquarters in December 28th. This communication, mainly Rong chen&Fenghan to the Alibaba team to introduce "Elastos computing thinking and network security". Computational thinking is a kind of decentralized thinking, iterative and parallel computing represents, quantum mechanical point of view, the universe is obviously the most basic operation mode, to the formation of galaxies, the birth of life, all things evolve, small to market, big data is right. The birth of block chain technology is the embodiment of Computational Thinking in the field of financial science and technology. Elastos is a new design of Internet security through computational thinking. Elastos team also hopes that this Alibaba line can learn more about communicating with Alibaba team, understand the challenges and innovations of giant Internet companies, and Elastos's missions and challenges in the new era.

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