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Ramadan will soon be drawing to an end, and everyone will spend the three day Eid-al-Fitr Islamic holiday.Can't face the distant relatives?That bickering over the last of the sheer khurma?Or yet another dose of 'when I was your age'?Then leave the house,and do something more instead.It also means that you will have plenty of time to explore the city now that the weather's downgrading from sizzling summery. I'll share my fave options:

   1.   Themed Party:

      Rather than gift giving and eating only, organize a party with your family or friends for Eid day or evening.If your friends like to get loose, hire a DJ or ask everyone to bring their favourite music. If you are not in the mood to cook, make the party potluck or catered affair so that everyone contributes and no one is left with all of the preparation work.For added fun, have a theme for the party and ask everyone to come dressed accordingly.

   2.  Go Back In Time:

      There is booming interest in Pakistan's heritage and what better time to explore than Eid Holidays.While most museums will be closed for the holidays, look up architectural sites or historical places to visit in and around the city.

   3.   Karaoke Night:

      Unleash your hidden talent and that of your loved ones in a fun, song-filled evening full of songs - old and new.

   4.   Go To the Beach:

      Hundreds of people will be heading to the beach to beat the heat during school holidays.Plan ahead and make arrangements for a day at the beach. with the monsoon season right around the corner, the waves will be high and the sea rough, but visit for the atmosphere and an ideal way to spend a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of city life.Eid day has become a bit of a tradition in recent years and a lot of people like to go and work off the extra pounds they have been piling on.And this year the conditions could be perfect to go play sports at the beach or just have a relaxing day away with family and friends.

   5.   Vacation:

      Celebrate the Eid holiday by getting away to a new or favourite destination with your loved ones.Instead of tangible gifts, let this trip be your present to one another.Talk with your family,friends or partner to brainstorm places you might like to go and your budgetary limits. Come up with a place that will be fun and worthwhile for everyone involved, so that they will not feel as if they are missing out on a more traditional celebration.Cooler climates such as the northern region of Pakistan are both budget friendly and easily accessible for a short getaway.

   6.   Game Zone:

      Another fun way to spend Eid is to organize a game party. Choose from board games to gaming consoles and play the day away.

   7.   Be a Cheesy Tourist:

      You know that corny tourist attraction in your hometown you would normally never do, but kind of secretly want to? It's time to grab your friends and go for it. Pull out all the stops: buy trinkets from the gift shop and stage the most over-the-top tourist shots you can think of- tweeting the photos as you go.

   8.   Stay In a Hotel:

      Sometimes all one wants is to get away. While travelling out of the city or country may not be a viable option, one many local hotels offer Eid packages. Festivities kick off with a full breakfast, traditional luncheon and a formal dinner. Indulge in the hotel spa facilities for a truly relaxing experience.There is always light entertainment available, ideal for those who want to spend some time in peace and quiet.

   9.   Go To Work:

      Spare a thought for those for whom Eid day is just another working day. Police, armed forces, ambulances and firefighters are all on duty, while doctors, nurses and other staff must keep the nation's hospitals going. Farmers, chefs, waiting staff and even journalists must toil on Eid day. Try and do something thoughtful for them, such as taking treats to your local fire or police station.

   10.   Go Casual:

      If the stifling heat and formality of Eid is suffocating you, cast off the unwanted Eid attire and go casual.There is no rule book on how to spend Eid, where we all do want to look our best there are times where comfort takes precedence.Weather permitting, you can enjoy rambles and picnics and maybe even a swim.

   11.   Indulge Yourself:

      If you are in no mood to cook, make reservations at your favourite restaurant to enjoy the delicacies of Eid.

   12.   Bumper Bowl:

      Go for a regular night of bowling with your family and friends. Team up and have a competition and set prizes for the winners.

   13.   Entertainment:

      Plan ahead and reverse tickets to your favourite movies, concerts, plays or musical evenings. Eid is the time when many new movies are launched. Special shows of plays and music are planned keeping Eid in mind. With time on your hands, this will be the perfect way to catch up on things you have missed due to a busy lifestyle.

   14.   Get Active:

      While the traditional Eid day routine might involve big meals and gifts, get outdoors instead and get some exercise.If you are alone over the holidays or have a small family, call friends or other family members to organize a boat trip, or a day hike in the mountains. While everyone else is eating sweets and putting on holiday pounds, you will be nurturing your body and enjoying the sunny weather.

   15.   Purge It:

      It's time for the piles of old clothes and other junk at the back of your closets and in the bottom of your drawers to go to a better place.Get a couple of friends on board and do it together.Add music to facilitate impromptu dancing. Then, find the nearest charity and donate it to the less fortunate.

   16.   Furry Friends:

      Take your kids to the local zoo for an Eid day treat. What better way to spend the day interacting with furry friends.Most local zoos remain open during the holidays.

However you choose to spend your Eid Day, make sure it is filled with the people you love. Take the time to tell them how you appreciate everything they have done for you over the years. Spend time with them and learn more about them while doing things you enjoy the most.Eid Mubarak!!!

Love and light,


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