May Allah's blessings be with us today and always... EID MUBARAK 🕌

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Muslim's biggest festival is EID-UL-FITAR.

Eid festival is going on throughout the country. After performing one month fasting, the Eid came with full of joy. Eid comes with the message of eternal peace and happiness in the lives of Muslims after a month of Ramadan. This holy festival encourages the Muslim intensive brotherhood.

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Eid means happiness, Eid means hope.
Eid means a smile in the midst of all trouble.
Eid means new moon in the sky, Eid means some new things.
Eid means shopping, Eid means hands with henna.
Eid means love for all.

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Our @shuvo35 Bhai used to call us in the suhoor time!

We enjoyed 1 month of fasting and Eid in our community. We divided the working time according to our prayers time. We've helped each other. Members got all support as they used to get.

We smiled, We got crazy, We shared our feeling!

May Allah bring us joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity on this blessed occasion. Wishing our all members on this happy occasion of Eid!

Eid greetings to all.


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Blessed Day To All!


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Happy Eid Mubarak to you also

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😎 Hey SM Thank You

eid mubarak ❤❤

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Eid Mubarak

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