eHarvestHub: The Exceptional Decentralized Food Supply Chain Platform

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Hello folks, today we are going to talk about the eHurvestHub project that will decentralize the food supply chain enabling the people around the world to access low-cost and high-quality food with the help of the blockchain technology. Although there are always some initiatives to modify the supply chain and adopt the new technologies, the overall cost of the latest developments has become a new burden for all the farmers and truckers across the globe. Even if they are eager to make adjustments and innovative changes in the whole process to have better transparency, productiveness, food safety, effectiveness and adaptability, affordability becomes an enormous challenge for them. At this point, eHurvestHub has come up with the promising and idealistic platform powered by the blockchain technology that will focus on the urgent needs of the truckers as well as farmers across the world.     

The eHarvestHub platform aims to transform the traditional food supply chain system adopting the blockchain technology thanks to the diminished price of food. The platform will increase the profitability and efficiency creating a win-win situation for the consumers as well as small farmers and truckers. Therefore, even small farmers and truckers will have the power to compete with the larger ones resulting in the quick adaptation of the new technologies and higher income. The distributed ledger based on the blockchain technology will prevent any incident of non-payments and downtime, and affect the profitability positively. In other words, farmers and truckers will enjoy the ensured uptime and customer satisfaction thanks to the sophisticated technology of the eHarvestHub. The Platform will provide the reduced fees and high transaction volume guaranteeing the cost-effective production, so suppliers will benefit from the increased profitability while customers enjoy the inexpensive foods and surprising affordability. eHarvestHub platform permanently will eliminate all the middlemen in the system of exiting food supply chain, so without any need for human engagement, the platform will ensure the smooth functioning of the system and food safety with the help of the blockchain and smart contracts. When the eHarvestHub platform is fully ready for the explode and become a global player, customers will be able to interact with the farmers directly getting direct access to food.     

Since the need for the fresh and high-quality food explodes in the last decades, the food market has expanded enormously, but the farmers, as well as truckers, are not affected by the growth of the market as they cannot benefit from the real-world prices and huge food market. Thanks to the decentralized eHarvestHub platform, all the participants of the platform will be able to get access to global food supply chain without any involvement of the middlemen. Thus, the problem of lack of direct interaction between the parties will be resolved permanently. Farmers will be able to interact with truckers, grocers, retailers, supermarkets as well as consumers within visiting the eHarvestHub platform. In addition to benefits of direct interaction without any middlemen, all the parties will take advantage of the elimination of the food waste and shortage and maximized food transparency thanks to the eHarvestHub platform. Imagine that all the parties can keep an eye on the technology, revenue, and yield of the farmers and adjust their order according to their profile. All these will be real, and possible thanks to blockchain powered eHarvestHub platform. Moreover, farmers will prevent any incident of food shortage and food waste because they will be able to focus on superior supply, communication as well as transportation plans. In the end, while supply side will start to enjoy the incredible increase in their profits, demand side will begin to get access to affordable food. 

Farmers will take advantage of high volumes, ability to accumulate marketing capital, direct access to truckers, an opportunity to adopt the latest technologies, and food safety and transparency thanks to the eHarvestHub platform. Similarly, truckers will be able to benefit from the opportunity to make more money thanks to the per load system, consistent loads, spending less time on the roads. While making lives of millions of farmers, truckers, and consumers much more comfortable, the eHarvestHub platform will contribute to the further growth of the food market and adaptation of the blockchain technology.     


Token Sale 

eHarvestHub introduces the EHH tokens that will provide quick transactions, minimized fees, and instant payments.  

Join the crowdsale and be a part of the food supply chain revolution! 


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