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The story of the tomb of Tutankhamun

On November 4, 1922, when the British archaeologist and specialist in the history of ancient Egypt, the British Howard Carter was digging at the entrance to the tunnel leading to the tomb of Ramses VI in Wadi

The kings noticed the existence of a large cellar and continued to excavate carefully until he entered the room that houses the tomb of Tutankhamun.

On the walls of the room, which contains the mausoleum wonderful drawings to tell in the form of pictures of the story of the departure of Tutankhamun to the dead and the scene was very impressive to the world

Howard Carter who was looking into the room through a slot and holding a candle that his assistant asked him "Would you see anything?" Carter replied, "Yes, I see great things."

The first thing that caught the attention of them was inscriptions saying, "Death will kill its wings, whoever tries to destroy the security and peace of the Pharaohs' sanctuary." This is the phrase found on the tomb of Tutankhamun, which was followed by a series of strange incidents that began with the death of many workers searching the cemetery. Scientists and people, including some archaeologists who participated in discovering the civilizations of the pharaohs, were puzzled by the fact that the ancient priests of Egypt had poured their curse on me.

Anyone who is trying to transfer these effects from its place .. It was said that a strong sandstorm raged around the grave of Tutankhamun on the day it opened and saw a hawk flying over the cemetery is known that the falcon is one of the holy symbols of the Pharaohs.

But there is a German scientist opened the file of this phenomenon, which preoccupied many to explain to us the mind, medicine and chemistry how forty scientists and scholars died before it was too late and why that young king .. Tutankhamun .. Although this king has no historical value and may not have been governor Perhaps he was in the era of a counterrevolution against King Akhenaten the first club of unification .. But it is certain that this young king has derived great importance from

That his tomb was untouched by one of the thieves .. Alina arrived after fifty-five centuries of complete safety and that this king is also the source of the Pharaonic curse all those who touched or touched him chasing death one after the other recorded the most strange and strange what is known of the types of punishment .. The obvious thing is That the forty died ... but the mysterious thing is that death for very trivial reasons and in circumstances not understood.

The story of the curse began with the golden canary bird that Carter carried with him when he was in Luxor. When the cemetery was discovered, they first called it the "Golden Cemetery of the Sparrow." In his book 'The Robbery of the King'

Cairo to receive Lord Carnarvon, and put his assistant Kalender Alasfour on the balcony to receive air fresheners .. On the opening day of the cemetery heard Kalender rare distress as a cry of a signal faster to find a snake Cobra extending his tongue to the bird inside the cage .. Killer and the snake but the bird was dead .. and immediately It was said that the 'curse' began with the opening of the cemetery where the Cobra snake is located on the crown that is placed on top of the statues of the kings of Egypt .. This was the beginning of the king's revenge of those who disturbed him in his shrine .. On the other hand I think archaeologist Henry instructs that something terrible on the way Will happen ... but what happened next was strange

Turned over time into a supernatural phenomenon and one of the mysterious things that raised a lot of controversy, which has not found an explanation for it to this day .. In the official celebration of the opening of the cemetery was injured Lord Carnarvon .. mysterious body did not find one of the doctors explanation .. In In the middle of the night, the Lord died in Cairo. The strangest thing is that the electricity supply was cut off in Cairo without any obvious reason at the moment of death. The newspapers of the world highlighted the death of the Lord. The Cairo newspapers linked the death of the Lord and extinguishing the lights. Tut, some newspapers said that the finger of the Lord has been injured by a machine or free The poison is strong in evidence that it has retained its effect for three thousand years. A species of bacteria grew inside the cemetery carrying disease and death. In Paris, the astronomer Lanselan said: "Tutankhamun retaliated. After that, the calamities began and death began to reap the vast majority If not everyone who participated in the celebration, and most of the deaths were due to this mysterious fever with delirium and death lead to death .. It was even the incidence of fever in many cases .. The secretary of Howard Carter died without any reason and then committed suicide his father During the funeral of the secretary of the horse, which was my T coffin cart a small child, killing him .. Many were injured

Who in one way or another contributed to the discovery of the cemetery madness and some committed suicide for no reason, which puzzled archaeologists who found themselves in front of a mystery that has no explanation.

 Attempt to transfer the mummy of Tutankhamun

The work of the team headed by Dr. Zahi Hawass, the Egyptian archaeologist, started to transfer the mummy of King Tutankhamun outside the cemetery for study by X-rays after Farouk Hosni, the Minister of Culture, decided to do so in her grave on West Bank in Luxor.

Suddenly, a sharp dust storm enveloped the entire Valley of the Kings. The team stopped moving and looked horrified at Dr. Hawass, who immediately understood their looks and said in a decisive tone: "Mafesh need. Mafesh curse Pharaohs.

The storm ended and the workers and researchers returned to work. They took the famous mummy out of the cemetery to install the x-ray machine, a very precise device sent by the National Geographic Society. Suddenly the device stopped working for an hour and a half.

Dr. Zahi's working eyes began to bear many words, but he decided to ignore their glances in the work to reveal the mystery of King Tutankhamun's death below the 20th century.

The cellphone rang in Dr. Zahi's pocket. The voice of his sister was crying in a burning voice: My husband is dead !!

And began to feel constricted and pessimistic after the end of the work decided to travel to his hometown of Damietta to participate in the funeral of his sister's husband and old friend.

Before he got in his car, he called the minister Farouk Hosni to inform him of the need to travel to attend the funeral .. His secretary told him: Minister felt fatigue fatigue and irregular heartbeat .. The doctor decided to enter the heart hospital in October to check it

And the phone fell from his hand.

It is known that Dr. Zahi Hawass is one of the scientists who reject the idea of ​​the curse of the pharaohs and consider it a myth that journalists and the world has ratified.

Did the young mummy decide to teach him a lesson?

It is strange that the world began to recognize the existence of a curse for the Pharaohs with the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the western land of Luxor in 1922 has been known interested in the effects that the kings of the Pharaohs were always writing in front of their graves a severe warning of the existence of a curse will hit everyone approaching the buried mummy or treasures, In 1977, Archbishop Mohamed Mahdi assumed the presidency of the Antiquities Authority and agreed to travel to the treasures of Tutankhamun to Europe. He signed the contract and when he left his office in Tahrir Square he was hit by a speeding car and died instantly. A heart attack on the morning of approval travel artifacts abroad.

Since the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun, the world's attention has not subsided because it is the first cemetery to be found complete without being extended by the thieves. They may be damned and contain pure treasures of gold in art, sculpture and wealth and because its hero is the king of the throne at the age of eight And died before reaching the age of twenty years and his life was full of tragedies and tragedies and is said to have died and that there is injury in the skull indicates a huge brawl hit .. This year the National Geographic Society of America asked to examine the mummy of the young king, who remained in his grave in Luxor since its discovery and until now And the importance of this His head to find out the real reasons behind the death of a young king, which reveals part of an important historical era .. agreed D.zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

In fact, the Egyptian and international newspapers published the event which will be held in Cairo and the king mummy will be transferred from Luxor to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square in Cairo and the resurrection of the sons of Luxor and some of the archeologists working there. They asked why they were taking the mummy of the king from his city.

Farouk Hosni responded and issued a decision to keep the mummy in place and go to the American Mission and its scientists accompanied by Egyptian scientists as long as it is important scientifically and historically for the preservation of the mummy .. In fact moved the team to there .. And strange that Dr. Saleh Bedair Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and former director of the draft mummies He apologized for not taking part in the examination of the mummy and withdrew, stressing that he can not complete this journey and declared that he is opposed to the experiments of the DNA, which is decided because the success rate does not exceed 60% and asked for the need to use a medical team specialized in reading the radiation and the basic rule in all these researches is conservation On our heritage and The withdrawal of Dr. Badir was a big question mark and he told the newspapers that he asked to exclude the American scientist 'De Miller' from experiments or read the radiation and recommended that he complete his research which came for the non-royal mummies !!

It is important that the results of the CT scan for the king's mummy will appear after about a month of it, but the scientists confirmed that the preliminary results showed a historical surprise confirmed that there is no traces of wounds or inhibitions in the skull of the mummy and this changes many theories that relied on the young king died Was killed before the age of twenty because of a conspiracy I loved him or because of falling over the wheel of war and that there is a fracture in his skull shows that it was hit by a stick or a baton, but confirms archaeologists who participated in the research that Carter when he extracted the mummy and wore the famous golden mask exposed to the sun evenHe dried the mask and then left it for a year in the Ceny cemetery. The researchers discovered that it was broken into 13 pieces and then collected inside the shroud cloth.

There was another theory in which scientists confirmed that King Tutankhamun was sick and his death was normal. This was confirmed by the preliminary results of CT scans, while his diseases or types are expected to be revealed by future research.

I was asked by an information at a conference: Do you still think it is a myth.

He answered laughing: Did you know that we discovered a cemetery in the pyramid and when we set a date for the announcement of the earthquake in 1992 and a month later I agreed with the artist Farouk Hosni Minister of Culture to be announced at a press conference and on my way to the press conference surprised me heart attack and the driver immediately transferred me to the hospital and postponed the opening Then I was hit by an electric shock from one of the graves of the workers, but I do not like to control these ideas. I love Pharaonic history and the kings of bones.

I asked him: Is the curse of the Pharaohs exist or just a myth?

He said I seem to have to admit it now and prove otherwise!

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