How to get an IP address in Egypt?

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Egypt is the land of the Nile, the pyramids and of political riots. If you wonder how to get an IP address in this interesting nation, keep on reading!

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The fact is that many people in Egypt want an IP address outside Egypt, because from time to time regulations and limitations are made by the government, making it impossible for Egyptians to use social media sites such as Twitter. If you suffer from this problem, just sign up for a VPN service and connect to a server outside Egypt, and make those limitations disappear.

What do I need an Egyptian IP address for?

If you are here, you probably know exactly why you need an Egyptian IP address. Maybe you want to watch some special broadcast online, but it has been regulated and is only available to people located in Egypt. This is called a geographical block and the way you can trick this block is by connecting to a server in Egypt using a VPN connection, and once connected you will have an Egyptian IP address yourself, and then you will bypass all such limitations and you will be able to watch live streams, TV programs and read content earlier unavailable to you.

Best VPN provider giving an IP address in Egypt

There are quite a lot of VPN providers giving their customers and IP address in Egypt and we have tested their products and download speeds. Based on our tests we can warmly recommend that you sign up for an account with PureVPN (read PureVPN review at the IP Address Guide) and use their services to get an IP address in Egypt. If you want to try this sign up, download their program, connect to their server in Egypt and you will be ready to go within a short while from now.

PureVPN also has servers in several other nations in the world, so in the same way, you use their service to get an Egyptian IP address, you can also use it to get a Swedish IP address, a German IP address or some IP address in almost 20 other nations.

Keep this in mind when trying

Be aware of the fact that most VPN servers in Egypt are quite slow compared to servers in Europe and in North America. This often has to do with your actual distance from the server in kilometers, but also with the fact that they only have "fairly slow" connections available. However since most VPN providers have a money back guarantee, just try, and if it doesn't work out, ask for your money back!


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