What you do not know about «the most beautiful Egyptian woman» called for «Monotheism»

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Nefertiti .. Queen of Egypt before 3300 years, died in mysterious circumstances at a young age did not exceed the age of 38 years, lived in «ِِAkhi Tatun» Tal Amarna until 1330 BC after her husband Akhenaten abandoned her and returned to Taiba.

Although the inscriptions around her are not many because of Akhenaten's smashing of most of them when he returned to Taibe, archaeologists have come to realize that her name means "the beautiful woman has come," a name fitting for her beauty and character. For this reason, she called herself "Nefernferton Nefertiti", which is shining because beauty came.

1 - Nefertiti Belle, whose origin is not fully confirmed but most studies indicate that she is the daughter of the commander of the armies «I», the wife of King Akhenaton «Amenhotep IV», and his companion in the call for the religion of Monotheism, which lasted from 12 to 15 years.

2 - They composed a happy family showing the characteristics of affection and sincerity in all the inscriptions that survived from the destruction, and they had four or six daughters, in addition to the emergence of Tutankhamun as their son, although DNA tests proved the paternity of Akhenaten , but there is lack of similarity between him and his sisters.

3 - The love of "Nefertiti" to "Akhenaten" and loyalty to him and the religion of Monotheism in the walls of Tel Amarna, where the family of Akhenaten worship the god Aton represented in the disk of the sun "Atom" most of the time, and the inscriptions of Akhenaton's prayer: "Aton, my God, give the Queen a long life» . He also inscribed the prayer of Nefertiti: "Give your son who loves you, life and truth, Lord of the earths .. Akhenaten."

4 - After about 12 years was a gap between the king and his loving wife with no fully known reasons, but most likely for political reasons, where the king left his new city and returned to the old capital «Tiba», and Nefertit continued to worship Aton in Tel Amarna.

5 - the most beautiful woman in Egypt at the time she was interested in playing chess and the loving of her young daughters.

6 - Her beauty remains impressive and inspirational for many men, most notably Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, who said when he was informed that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry had cut off cooperative relations in archaeological excavations with Germany because of her smuggled head.

I will build inside a room topped by a large dome .. And here in the middle, will be the installation of that charm .. Nefertiti. I will not give up on the queen's head. "

7 - found in the inscriptions to the benefit of Nefertiti beauty, and use natural oils cactus and almonds in bathing and perfume and care of hair, and the use of kohl to decorate the eyes.

8- She knew poetry and singing and organized it in love with her husband, her daughters, and the land of Egypt, and the god Aten.



After reading this, I got mixed feelings , Proud , and a bit sad that these treasures are away from their rightful owners. Keep up the great work , resteeming it

Thank you dear... You are right

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Мне очень интересны те люди которые интересуются историей!Молодец продолжай в том же духе.

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