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in egos •  last year

Today @blancobasura and @dgiors (Everyday Geek)

delve into a punishing arcade shooter called Sidearms (Hyperdyne) from Capcom. It's surprising how many times we got ourselves killed in such a short game. When does it end?

After that we challenge each other to a few rounds of Capcom's seminal Street Fighter Championship Edition (M7). Funky fireballs and all!

Sorry the stream chopped up on us several times. Technical issues cause some skipping video from time to time.

It's live! What plays stays!

This is a 100% power up post.

I am,

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🎶This is the game that never just goes on and on my friends..🎶

I hope everyone sees what happens when we're leftin the studio alone lol. We cant be trusted.


I swear this is the last boss! Honest for true!.... OMG!

Another great let's play @dgiors.
Great to see you having a lot of fun on some old school games.
The spam is so real haha
Really takes me back to my childhood and gives me nostalgic feelings.
Keep up the great work bud! :)


Thanks for taking a look. Glad you enjoyed it.

following u sir..


Thanks for the follow.