Make Nazis Punchable Again

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As many of us are painfully aware, there was a devastating attack on a mosque in Christchurch just recently, where a deranged gunman took a gun into a place of worship and murdered 50 people, injured 50 more, just because of their religion.

But I'm not here to talk about that tragedy.

In response, Australian senator Fraser Anning released a statement condemning Muslim immigration as being the source of the issue, without blaming the actions of the white supremacist fuckbag who murdered people.

I'm also not here to talk about senator cockhead.

I'm here to talk about how we, as a society, have allowed this shit to happen by being tolerant of the people spouting this shit, and not punching them in their fucking heads.

Meet Eggboy.

This man, nicknamed Eggboy, is Will Connolly.

While racist fucktrumpet Fraser Anning attended a speaking event for a far-right white nationalist group, young Will walked up behind Anning and smashed an egg on the back of his head in protest for his bigoted words.

Check it out.

As you can see, the response from Anning was to hit Will in the face, twice, before getting held back by another man while several of the other attendees placed Will in a chokehold and pinned him to the ground, before police arrived. Note the super tough badass holding his legs like a big strong boy.

That's, what? Four sexually-repressed roid ragers all to hold down one boy?

Anyway, following the incident, Will has been dubbed 'Eggboy,' and called a hero.

And, unsurprisingly, those who support Anning have started crying about how he's assaulted the poor deranged bawbag, and are gobbing about the 'extremist left' and the 'intolerant left' for supporting this heinous act of physical assault.

And even on my own side of the farm, we've got people calling to not idolise and support moments of violence. To turn the other cheek. To not lower ourselves to their level.

I say fuck that. Fuck that noise right in the fucking fartbox.

There was a day when we went to war against oppressors, fascists, and nazis.

There was a day when 'is it okay to punch a nazi?' wasn't even a damn question.

Now we're asking 'is it okay for a teenage boy to egg a racist senator while he uses taxpayer funds to attend a far right white nationalist political meeting after he releases a statement blaming Muslim immigration for the deaths of 50 innocent people?'

Where have we gone wrong as a society?

We need to stop not lowering ourselves.

We need to stop pretending that bigoted opinions have equal merit.

We need to stop trying to use our words and our inside voices.

We need to stop trying to change hearts and minds with love and facts.

We need to be like Eggboi and humiliate them. Show them for what they are.

We need to start punching fucking nazis again.

(there's even a website that answers the question, in case you forget)

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Someone has mixed in the footage in time with the first 4 seconds of Men At Work's Land Down Under.

Here's the original song:

There are also sorts of art works and comic covers depicting Eggboii in all his heroic glory.

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