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RE: EU Blockchain goes mobile: 2 Watts is all it needs

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Forgive my lack of knowledge here but what is the point of this and the clone?

Is it to create a blockchain that can be run with minimal computation power? I am not following the reasoning for the project.


In terms of code-base for enterprise pilots the offering is very limited:

  • Ethereum and its Quorum variant are relatively quick to deploy but are built on specific assumptions and with specific design goals
  • Hyperledger Fabric is much more flexible but the trade-off is a high configuration time and effort as well as a significant operation cost
  • Corda R-3 which is not really blockchain as such and addresses very specific use-cases only.

As far as I'm aware, our team is the only one using the steem code-base for corporate projects. One of the big advantages of steem as a blockchain for corporate pilots is the very low overall cost of experimenting and learning (most enterprises are still at the "trial and error" phase).

More enterprises experimenting with steem code in turn means a bigger eco-system of people aware of the capabilities, features and differences of this blockchain, as well as a greater number of developers becoming familiar with the steem code

Being able to have a physical node for less than 100€ should encourage more companies to approach blockchain in general and steem in particular and experiment with it.

The "mobile" part illustrates another aspect: in "Normieland" you'll be surprised how many decision-makers are still replying (when hearing the word "blockchain") "I've heard blockchain uses a lot of energy!"

You can provide a sophisticated answer to this remark ("there are many types of consensus protocols, it depends ...").

Or you can give them this baby to hold in their hands and simply tell them: "this is a blockchain node, it consumes about as much energy as the smartphone in your pocket". I can hardly think of something better at convincing people than actually touching "the object" (whatever it is) and holding it in their own hands.

Ah thank you. I see what you are doing now. That is really terrific.

This is a test case to present to enterprises that are thinking about experimenting with building upon the Steem ecosystem. It shows them how little energy is required to run the "clone" translating into full node (which are helped by MIRA).

Not being a programmer, I missed the entire message of this post. This is a great tool to show companies that are thinking about entering this space.

You are targeting what is need....we require a lot more developers to find Steem.

Totally my thoughts exactly... Im so confused. :)

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