The effect of their perceptions

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The reason for the mistake of thinking about the attention of the people around him is the fact that he thinks of himself as without prejudice although he is not aware of the fact.

In this way, the thoughts in his mind will be objective and 100 percent correct, and the point of reference that people should take to predict what they think is clear; their thoughts, knowledge and experiences. He therefore believes that his / her perceptions are shared by others and that it is true.


It is not possible to take full control of something that has such an effect on us. But knowing what it is and becoming conscious can show us what ways we will get or what ways we will adopt.

According to research, human learning can be modified by stimulating neurons that contain dopamine. Researchers suggest that stimulation may have changed by allowing people to repeat physical actions that cause reward. This method is used as a treatment method in substance rehabilitation centers for substance addicts.


As a result of another experiment, the level of normal mice was increased in another experiment to artificially motivate and they were shown to learn how to repeat a non-rewarded action in this way. It's just like the non-usable cigarette is consumed again and again.

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