Effects of Other People

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Remember, a human being is free as he can to free himself from others and to make his own decisions and to implement them! There is also the fact that no matter what we do, we will not stop.


Because, what we do, some of the others come towards the wrong part, but still will come wrong. You know, it's like we've got birds in our mouths.

Come on, let's be our own. Let's save our life from the anxiety of the hands that struck us to the shackles. Others, somehow, will talk about three or five days of new topics, to criticize other events and people will find themselves. Let's live this fleeting life with the aim of realizing our dreams and not our concern about what others will say.


Let's not be blindfolded for others. The way to be a happy person is that they, or these things, do not see us well. Isn't it worth living a life guided by our own inner voice, our own logic, our own emotions?

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The way to be a happy person is that they or these things do not see us well. Is it not worth living a life led by our own inner voices, our own logic, our own emotions?