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[The Screen changes suddenly to a shaky cam with SEBASTIAN SIN and LEON of VIP walking down the street at night. Both are dressed up especially good in order to go to Gino’s Nightclub.]

Sin: Be careful with that camera Mack, we’re still paying it off.

Mack: I thought Gino and Genuin and TL gave you guys funding for the show.

Leon: Yeah, how do you think we got the clothes? We’re not rich like Gino yet. Plus I want to look good for what I’m gonna do.

Sin: I’m not agreeing with this.

Leon: According to the tweet, Chun Lo is at Gino’s right now. I’m gonna find him and I’m gonna stand up to the guy so I can get a rematch.

Mack: I don’t agree with it either.

Sin: Chun pretty much killed you in the ring. Only reason we beat him in the 6 man tag is because he was pissed at his worker guys. He proved it at War.

[The three get to the front door of Gino’s and are checked by security. All three of them get inside to see a full light show going on while on the way to the bar.]

Mack: Well?

Leon: If you guy don’t want in on the fight, that’s fine. I just need Sebastian Sin backing me up and Chris Mack taping me kicking his fat ass.

Sin: What? You said rematch, I thought you meant at War.

[Leon is silent as he gets a beer and chugs it.]

Mack: Leon, don’t pick a fight with him here. I like this place.

Sin: Whatever is going on, it can wait until the ring.

Mack: There’s no honor in a bar fight.

Leon: I got a plan man. YO! You guys seen Team Beer?

[Sin looks confused as Leon gets some direction and motions for Mack to follow him into the dance floor.]

Sin: I’ll be lookout. I’ll text you if I see him.

[Leon and Sin do a fist bump and Mack follows Leon into the mass of people on the dance floor.]

Mack: Can you even hear me? The music’s going to be loud.

Leon: It’ll be fine baby. YO!

[Leon waves his arms to try and signal someone. Mack struggles as he tries hard to get past multiple random people. Leon is soon missing from sight.]

Mack: Leon! Hey! Sin!

[Mack spins the camera around, looking for either Sin or Leon, but nothing until Fox’s Intern TOMOKO and KAT show up.]

Tomoko & Kat: HEY!

Kat: Mack! The VIP camera!

Tomoko: Bring us to Sin now! We have someone for him to meet.

Mack: I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

Kat: She’s a professional photographer and can take over for you.

Mack: Okay, Leon’s on his own, let’s do this. Sin’s somewhere around the bar; it’s the last place I saw him.

[Kat and Tomoko jump around with glee as they grab Mack by the camera and pull him into following them.]

Tomoko: This is a nice camera.

Mack: We’re still paying it off.

[The two girls stop]

Kat: Tomi, you said they’re funded.

Tomoko: They are.

Mack: Yeah, they just didn’t put the money on the equipment.

[The two girls roll their eyes and continue leading. They eventually find Sin. Sin sees them and does a double take before heading over.]

Sin: Hey! Where’s Leon? You were following him.

Tomoko: Yeah. Leon is missing. We stole Mack and brought you here.

Sin: But-

[Kat pulls over a petite red-headed girl who appears to be shy.]

Kat: Kara, Sin, Sin, Kara. She’s a camera person and you’re single.

Tomoko: Bye! Joey’s trying some kind of fire trick.

[Kat and Tomoko dash off and leave Sin and Mack super confused.]

Kara: Hi.

Mack: What’s going on? You know how to work a camera?

Sin: Really?

Mack: Hey I’m trying to-

Sin: No, Leon’s over there with Chun. Action time!

[Mack points the camera over to show Chun in a suit that was clearly tailor made to fit a man of his great size.]

Mack: I don’t see Leon anywhere.

Sin: He’s the guy with the afro wig.

Mack: Where’d he get that?

Sin: Not important, zoom in.

[The camera shakes around.]

Mack: What the hell? I’m not Selene. I don’t know this camera stuff.

Kara: It’s on the touch screen.

[The camera zooms in on Chun. He’s all alone and appears to be arguing with Leon.]

Sin: Oh he’s going to fight him. I know that look.

Kara: He’s what? Why?

Sin: Oh, we work with a Pro Wrestling promotion. This sort of thing happens all the time. Do you have the shot Mack?

Mack: Yeah.

Sin: Hold it there. We left the tripod back home.

Mack: I thought you had the compact one that looks like a pimp cane.

Sin: Do you see me in my pimp suit?

[Leon is seen smashing a bottle against Chun’s head and a fight begins.]

Bar Brawl
Leon vs. Chun Lo

[Chun shoves Leon back and Leon charges right back at Chun and grapples with him. Chun lifts Leon up and tosses him on top of the table.]

Sin: Oh it’s the match all over again. Chun beat him in a match last War.

Kara: I saw it online. What do you mean by “last War”?

[Chun tries to attack Leon with overhead strikes, but Leon is using his legs to block and kick at the same time.]

Mack: Kara, it’s best to just go with it.

Kara: Aren’t you guys going to stop it?

[The camera moves around.]

Mack: Yeah, why is Gino letting this happen?

Sin: Mack. JC is doing fire tricks.

[Mack looks over at the complete other side of the bar to see JC and Doug of Team Beer apologizing to someone while a fire is being put out.]

Mack: Oh…

Sin: LEON!

[Mack points the camera back over to the fight to see Chun power bomb Leon through a dining table. Sin is seen running over to the fight while Chun continues striking Leon.]

Mack: Come on Sin!

[Sin gets to Chun from behind and hops onto the large man’s back. Sin applies a sleeper hold on Chun while Leon tries to recover. Sin and Leon appear to be arguing, but nothing can be heard.]

Kara: So this happens all the time?

Mack: You get used to it.

[Leon grabs a wooden chair and smashes it into the side of Chun. It shatters, but seems to achieve nothing. Chun spins around, trying to grab Sin, but no luck. Leon starts punching the head of Chun as Chun starts to slow down.]

Kara: That really works?

[Chun runs backwards and smashes Sin against Chun’s back and the wall behind both of them. Leon then grabs a drink and throws it in Chun’s face. Chun appears to be angered by the drink tossed in his face.]

Mack: Run! Move your black ass!

[Leon tosses a chair at Chun and hops over the barricade and onto the dance floor. Chun runs after him. Leon seems to disappear while Chun can be seen pushing people aside in search of him. Leon then jumps over the barricade and runs to Mack and Kara.]

Leon: Hey! Did you get all of it?

Mack: Did you just lead that giant to us?

Leon: Did you get all of it?

[Sin runs over.]

Sin: I’m going to kill you. We need to run, that guy is pissed.

Kara: What should I do?

[Moment of silence]

Mack: There’s a nice diner down the street.

Leon: Sin loves pancakes, almost as much as he loves me buying him pancakes to make up.

[Kara shrugs]

Kara: Pancakes sound good.

[Mack turns the camera around to show his face.]

Mack: VIP is out!

Leon: Weak.

Sin: Don’t do that.

Leon: That’s horrible.

Sin: Yeah.

Mack: What do you have?

Sin: Not that.

Kara: Even I think that’s cheesy.

Mack: So you have nothing.

Sin: I have the stop button.

[The camera clicks off]

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