Galactic Safari... My quest to getting some money out of it... Hopefully...

in efaer •  4 months ago

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Finally, the game is ready to be played!!

I've gotten more attention and nice reviews on newground than any other places but as far as I know it wont pay a nickel... If you want to take a look:

I'm planning to upload it on and it's already on

In 2 days i've got like 3 views on itch and 800+ on Newground.

I've also upload it on Kongregate (wich is suppose to be the big deal for html5 games) but the game got 2/5 stars and was played less than 60 time.

It's been pretty boring to search and upload the game to all those website but i had to do it in order to know what to expect for my next launching.

I'm slowly building my masterplan to dominate the html5 world.

I'll keep you posted!

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masterplan to dominate the html5 world? heheh)) nice joke