beauty of adenium / frangipani flower

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Hi friend @steemit .... this time I try to raise the theme about the beauty of frangipani flower

@Frangipani @flower is a type of ornamental plants that many people enjoy in Indonesia, because it has a variety of floral colors and has a smell of fragrant.

@Frangipani @flower is not native to indonesia, this flower comes from: amerika, west asia, africa.jenis this plant is a plant that resistant to climate change and can survive for hundreds of years.



I do not really understand about the ins and outs of frangipani, but I am one of the likes of flower plants, not only Cambodian @flower.

Especially in @Aceh this type of plant is usually found in many public cubes, this is because every person who died is always planted this plant, I do not really understand what the purpose.


Started from my meeting with one of my good friends the brother @HAMIDI103, from which I began to introduce @steemit, so I became interested to try.
after I tried it was pretty fun, so I committed to always use @steemit than any other social media.
from there I always promote all kinds of goods in @steemit rather than on @facebook.

from the above description I can conclude that:

frangipani flower is a flower in the likes of most Indonesians, but not indigenous plants indonesia.
Always use @steemit over other social media, because @steemit is more profitable.


Tabak bek tuwoe balah beh

bereh...saboh neuba siploh kubalah