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Learn to maintain your momentum

Learn from the best in your vocation, calling, or business

Be humble enough to confess that you don't know everything

Don't allow the fire in you to burn out. keep the foam alive through prayer and meditating on the word of Word!

Turn disadvantage into opportunity


Turn your rejection into resources

Let every disappointment push you forward in your dream.

Work harder than anyone else in your profession or surrounding

The fuel and capital of success is hard work

Dedicate yourself to the advancement of the kingdom of God. seek first His kingdom, and all these things will be added to you.


Food for thought. Thank you preacher

Great and inspiring one

I'm going to add my one-cent

"On the way to greatness, problems are bound to come up but people who succeed sees every problem as challenge and a new opportunity to conquer something great. Besides challenge is the breakfast of champions"

Are you a Nigerian?

Thanks for sharing

"The fuel and capital of success is hard work" - That is my favourite quote from this article! A lot of value in here!

Making sense. Inspiring.i need mooorrr

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Its quite motivating....

I like the part DEDICATING yourself tp God GOD!

Yea! Seak first the kingdom God and any other things shall be added onto you, awesome inspiration quote

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