David Icke: We Are The Ocean

in educational •  10 months ago

In this clip fron the 2017 Worldwide Wake Up Tour, David goes over how it is we are all Oneness of the same mind, the same energy, and everything In our world has Consciousness.

As always, do your research, use your discernment and seek to find your truth. Enjoy.

Be well, everyone.

"If you don't become the ocean, you'll be seasick all your life." - Leonard Cohen

David Icke is a researcher and a pioneer in sharing with humanity just an unbelievable scope of information regarding events and happenings that have been going on behind a veil of secrecy. He is a former footballer and BBC reporter, and since the 90’s, he has spoken on issues that touch on esoteric societies, deception and practices of The Powers That Be, the multi-dimensional nature of the universe, and ties them in to the unfolding of current affairs, to which he has written numerous books, and done countless presentations sharing what he has discovered along the way. His material corroborates not only with what other researchers have discovered (Jordan Maxwell, Jim Mars, Michael Tsarion, and others, ) but the unfolding of events over the last two decades has backed up his work as well.

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