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Create something cool

First of all I want to excuse me for not posting in a while, I've been on vacation so I didn't had much time to post things. I have been powering down just to have some liquid Steem when I came back from vacation, but heyy you are here to learn about making a simple game so lets go!


I've heard a lot of things from unity before, and I decided to try it out (altough my hard drive is almost full, but then I saw it didn't took much space).
I was suprised by all the things you can do.



Unity is a program to make games not to make those cool looking 3D objects used in games.
Although you can make some nice 3D objects in Unity, but these things are meant to be made in other programs like Blender for example. Then you can import your figure to Unity and create a game.

Download Unity



On the Unity website are 9 projects that you can make. All these projects are explained and you can follow them step by step.
You will realize that this is not that hard.
All the 3D figures are already there for you and you have video's on how to complete certain steps.

I already made 2, and I'm going to make more, and eventually make one myself.

First one I made (For beginners): Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball is a tutorial where you learn the basics, then learn to create and move an object, create pick ups, and count points.

Second one I made (A little bit harder then the first one, but still not that hard): Space Shooter

Space Shooter is a little more advanced, but I say a little, so perfectly fine for a beginner.
You add sound effects, visual effects, movement, actions (shooting),...

Unity is free for personal use, so go ahead and make what you've always wanted to make 😉
For those who are more interested in making 3D objects, make sure to check out Blender as well, find some tutorials and you're all set.
(you can even 3D print things you made with blender!)

I hope you'll enjoy! Let me know. 😃

I'm really happy to see I reached a 100 followers!
Shoutout to you guys!

I've found how to cancle my power down, so I did that, because I belief in Steem
Just made sure I hade some liquid Steem.


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This is very cool! I tend to be intimidated by stuff like this because I know nothing about this subject. I'm tempted to try now though! I've had a social gaming idea for a long time and I wish I could make it myself.


Make it happen!
In know C# so I understand all these scripts etc.
But the things like making 3D characters looks awesome to me aswell, but it would take a lot of time and education to make everything from a game all by your self.


Yeah, I didn't even picture my idea in 3D, so that's going way beyond. Mine was originally structured similarly to the old MafiaWars, but of course completely different scenarios and subject matter.

Great @yournews! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, and thank you for the resteem 👍


You're Welcome! 😉


I love blender, however not a master of it. Not yet anyways ;)


In really like Blender too, but I still need some practice in order to make some cool stuff in Blender xd

I did a part of my house in 3D in SketchUp, and I imported on Unity, then I used a character to walk around the house until it was cool, but after that, I never moved in unity again ..


Nice, imagine making a VR game and walking in your own house in VR :p


That was a nice idea!! Do you know something about VR game? 😊


No but I think it won't be that hard if all u wanted to do is walk around and look.


I have no idea! I never experienced VR before...