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RE: The Only Guide To Technical Analysis That You Will Ever Need

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Can confirm this works: am a billionaire.

Seriously, haejin must be laughing his ass off at people who still vote for his posts after reading this.
Now, if only you had added comedyopenmic as a tag: FREE SBDs for this quality entry!

EDIT: LMAO there are actually people thinking this is an actual analysis. SMH


Haha i'm seriously out of touch with the tags! I noticed this one though :)

Yeah.. I think sarcasm isn't something universal.

Nice, would you like to be a judge for the next round? The entries will make you forget all your week's troubles and you'll surely crap out your intestines reading them, they're that horrible.
Jk jk they're awesome :P

True, sarcasm is preferred by less and less people in these times. I got my ass handed to me once because of using it haha.
Dangerous stuff I'll tell ya.
(I still mess with it though)

Thank you, @yesaye, but please try to only invite people to enter the #comedyopenmic contest, not be guest judges. The contest isn't at the point yet, and we don't want anyone getting the wrong information.

Ah sorry! My bad.
Will keep that in mind.
It was all that excitement's work.

haha I'm alright, I think there are better judges for wit and comedy :D i'd read them though!

Awesome, no probs, it's a pleasure having you as an audience! Gotta up my game this week to impress ya then.
(And maybe end up in that sweet sweet auto-vote list mhhmm yeaa)

Seconded! :D
Been reading your comments. Keep it up sir.

Woah! That's an honor @pangoli. Thank you for thinking so! :D

I don't know what that means in your profile pic, but its dope

Actually, that's exactly what it means: dope avy.
Haha, it's the initials of my username, 'YesAye'.
Notice the Y and A. ;)

WOW! well I didn't see that coming. Well thats the perfect symbol for it then thats for sure!


Buddy you're giving me way too much attention than I deserve.
(which is, -1)
But, if I keep getting those fat, juicy upvotes then, why the fuck not?


(fine print) No really i'm just bored and can't find any other good content to upvote, so I go look for new friends when this happens hahahahahaha.......hahahaha.aaaa ehhhhh

Trust me, there are better ways to find friends than this.
Right now, you're only attracting money hungry douchebags.
(read: me)

You could join the Be Awesome community if you'd like. :)
It's by @whatamidoing. He's also got this thing going: the Deadpost Initiative which is awesomely helping minnows, so do check that out. :D

(too late, we're already friends, no running away now mwhahaMWHAHA)

I post content-no one sees it. Fail

I buy upvotes for more visibility-people dont upvote it because it has too many bot comments plus i lose money because i never even get ROI. Fail

I self vote- people shame me. Fail

I vote others- people say im attracting gold diggers. Fail

I dont vote others and try to get friends- people say im stingy.

I dont vote or interact-money wasted.

I vote on good content- only see 1 or 2 per day-fail

Ill try that link you put and ill be sure to never upvote you again. Sorry for wasting my vote on you. #sarcasm

Lol but no seriously, my content is subpar at best, all im good at is cracking jokes i aint here to make money, i spent my own money on here and im here to have fun and meet cool people along the way. I day trade for profit. I will check the link though. Peace! Btw this sadly has been the best convo in last 3 days. Truce.

Damn son, you gave me a heart-attack with that sarcasm....I mean, pffft money? Who cares amirite?

Honestly, with your content, I wouldn't mind you self-voting. I also encourage you to upvote good comments. I'll see your content, followed. I'll upvote you. You don't have to vote this comment. Please do vote and interact, you have a great sense of humor!
You may check my blog for quality content.
I didn't say anything?

You made my day saying that last line. <3
Glad you found me fun.
(that's rare.)
I'm here anytime you wanna talk~
(Thanks for taking interest in helping minnows out!)

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