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The journey of 5years is now coming to an end. Am so excited that in the next few months I will be a graduate


Though this stage is a very critical stage in university when you have to do I.T defense, Project, Seminar, Written examination and other assessment. One has to pass all this before he/she will be cleared.


For this week we are having our industrial training (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) presentation. We have already know our Seminar and Project Supervisor. I will be sharing somethings on my I.T presentation, project, seminar write-up.


Will share my write up on my I.T presentation here. Have really learned a lot from other people presentation.


Education is the best to have for everyone.
Education is the best legacy.
Not easy to be a University Graduate.


Education is the best legacy. Nice 1.

What a happy-looking bunch of students you have, there @wisdoncouture! I wish them all good luck with the Defence.

God will lead your way. I'm happy for you.

Welldone and congratulation on your defence @wisdoncouture.

:) yay! congrats! that is truly good news. :)

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